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The water line that operates in your house is often metered for billing and accountability purposes. It can become a huge deal when you experience a leak on your home water line. The idea of detecting small leaks can always help to save you a vast amount of money on water utility bills. What is water leak detection?

It is a simple measure to help you discover any portion of your home’s water line not functioning well. This can either be through the dripping of water or other possible damaging ways. The end purpose of any leak detection equipment is to help you find damaging problems and reduce expensive utility bill costs. The guide will help you discover several scenarios of detecting water leaks both at home and in your office or commercial areas.

Common Areas Of Residential And Commercial Water Leaks:

  • Toilet tank crack
  • Water heater
  • Frozen or faulty plumbing lines
  • Dot Circle
    Washing machine hose rupture
  • Dot Circle
  • Dot Circle
    Icemakers or refrigerators
  • Dot Circle
    During renovations unnoticed plumbing pipe damage can cause problems
  • Dot Circle
    Central humidifiers

Technology Used For Leak Detection:

It is will be an understatement to mention that water leak detection equipment maintains a single technology approach. The best way to explain the technology used for leak detection is by weighing on different available systems.

A. Sonic Non-metallic Pipe Detection Systems:

Plastic pipes don’t have electrically conductive properties. For this reason, it is impossible to make use of the usual electromagnetic method to locate leaks on plastic pipes. Using the acoustic method is another way to discover great principle of detecting leaks in pipes.

With the acoustic method, you will discover that a pipe will deliver mechanical vibrations than the soil within its environment. These vibrations will move along the pipe and the soil and later emanating on the surface where the microphone can be used for detection. The acoustic method will also help you know the position of the pipe with the highest intensity.

B. Sonic Leak Detection:

The water will move out into the soil at high speed within its environment when a pressurized pipe experiences a leak. When this occurs, the material used for the pipe production will vibrate thoroughly at the exit section.

The pipe will also be involved in the transmission of the sound or vibration during this process. At remote contact locations such as valves, the noise can be heard clearly by anyone. The pipe and water jet located in the location of the leak will as well suck vibration into the environment of the soil.

C. Electronic Helium Tracer-gas Location Units:

If you want to detect leaks in any closed system, storage tanks, or pressurized cables, the MGD-2002 remains the best instrument to use. The tracer gas will help to pressurize water within the location of detection. The MGD has the capability of detecting the slightest leaks in phone cables when its detection capability is reduced to twenty-five PPM.

During normal maintenance inspections, this equipment can help to correct and monitor Helium leaks. How can the MGD-2002 operate in detecting water leaks? To locate the actual area of the leak, Helium gas will be placed into the water pipeline.

With the help of the gas, you will be able to sense or discover a small exit and crack at any break. Once this occurs, detection will take place on the surface, making it easy for an immediate repair. Helium remains a colorless, odorless, light, safe, non-flammable, non-toxic and inert monatomic gas.

Major Benefits Of A Water Leak Detector:

  • 1
    Reduce insurance premiums
  • 2
    Peace of mind
  • 3
    Protect your heirlooms, assets, and home
  • 4
    Affirms facility operations and systems are effectively working
  • 5
    As leaks occur, system alerts are immediately sent to the use
  • 6
    Compare water usage during non-peak and peak hours
  • 7
    Electronically save information from meters reading annual, monthly, daily and hourly water usage
  • 8
    Within a property, it can help to track water project savings
  • 9
    It estimates yearly and monthly domestic water consumption costs

Ways To Find A Water Leak In Your House:

Plumbers can always be of a huge assistance if you are able to detect the real area of water leaks in your house. Most plumbers carry along with them a listening device that can help in detecting the actual point of the leak. Keep reading to discover amazing ways of finding a water leak in your home.

Hose Bibs:

With this method, you will have to detect every hose-bib around your house. A hose-bib remains a special pipe that most people hand their hose to in a scenario of uncertainty. In most homes, you will find at least one hose-bib. This hose-bib is usually located in the front of your house and at least another at the backyard. However, it is a good idea to check properly and discover every hose-bib and listen to them.

A screwdriver should be with you after discovering every hose-bib in your house. Ensure that the screwdriver is long and able to allow you work within a given space. On the metal section of the hose-bib, ensure that the tip of your screwdriver makes a contact. Still on the top of the screwdriver, ensure that your thumb knuckle is well positioned. 

The position of your knuckle should always remain by the side of the head. The noise from the contact established by the hose-bib and the screwdriver will move closely to your eardrum. The main object is to ensure that the screwdriver operates like a stethoscope. For most metal valves, this method will work effectively. 

Go ahead to maintain total silence in order to capture any sound emanating from the hose-bib. In case you are able to detect any sound, ensure to mark the actual spot. This can be done by making use of a chalk to mark the main spot where the sound is emitting from. This process should be repeated for every hose-bib in your house. The leak will be closer to the unit if the sound emitting from those hose-bibs becomes louder.

Once you have been able to perform this test, ensure your plumbing expert has the information of the result. It will help to reduce the time your plumber takes in resolving the problem. However, it will also help save you money in the long run. It will be time to move straight into your house if no sound emanate from the hose-bibs. Use the same procedure when testing inside of your house.
The screwdriver should be placed on house items such as hot water heater, washer, shower valves, or sinks. When working on the hot water heater, try to prevent being scalded. Contacting a plumber will be the best solution if you are uncertain about the process.

Meter Line:

The line operating from the meter to your property should be checked if the toilets remain in good condition. If the leak can be detected earlier for the plumber to work on, you will be able to save money. To engage in the process of detecting leaks from a meter line, you will have to temporarily shut off any valve in the house. Go ahead to monitor the operation of the meter by getting rid of the covering lid. Next is to monitor the movement of the dial from the upper section of your meter.

Dig around to locate the head of the meter if any difficulties arise. This is because grass or dirty can easily cover the upper section of a meter. Provided the valve is switched off by the house and the meter located, ensure to monitor the movement of the device. The leak will be between the house and the meter if the device is still operating or turning. There is every possibility for the leak to occur inside of your property. This is usually when you make use of older bronze gate valves or experience a leaking valve.

The area of the shut-off valve and the meter should be properly checked. Inspect symptoms of leaks such as greener grass, soft muddy surroundings or more developing areas. If there is any clear signs as mentioned above, go ahead to make a repair or simply contact a professional plumber. The leak will be located inside your property if the meter stops operating and the valve shut-off at the house. To detect the main problem, you can employ other effective strategies.


The top of the tank should be removed if you want to check your toilet for leaks. Once the top of the tank is removed, carefully listen to any emanating noise. If there is any sound from this process, ensure to capture the actual point. Once the actual point where the noise is emanating from is located, try to check properly and see if any fix can be done.

If you are unable to make any swift repair, contact a professional plumber immediately. Some food coloring can be added if you are unable to notice or detect anything. Ensure that a few drops are added to the food coloring to help you get better results. Once the mixing process is over, you will have to wait for some minutes to see what happens.

If there is a leak, it will take place in the flapper located beneath the tank. This leak will make water to seep or drop through. A plumber should be contacted if you can come up with any immediate repair solution. This process can be repeated if you have a plethora of toilets in the same property.

House Hot Water Tanks:

On the hot water tank, you can always inspect the pressure relief valve. There is every possibility for the pressure relief valve to get plumbed into a drain. This may cause some complex leaking without knowing about it. To resolve the problem, you will have to get rid of the drain pipe to inspect any leaking. Check for any hissing noise to make sure it is causing the leak.

Other Forms Of Water Leaks For Your House:

  • Inspect the condition of your garden. Check the drip irrigation systems, taps and hoses.
  • The shower heads should be thoroughly checked for leaks. If this is the actual cause of the leaking, then ensure to perform a direct home repair.
  • The swimming should be checked for leaks if you have any.

Methods To Troubleshoot A Leaking Upstairs Bathroom:

Has there been leaking in your upstairs bathroom of recent? Are you beginning to panic because of the complexity of the problem? Fear not because this content will help you resolve the problem in an ephemeral of time.

Step 1:

The waterproofing of your bathroom should be the first place to check. If the waterproofing of a bathroom is poorly done before tiling, it will eventually lead to leaking. In most cases, you will discover this problem in older or ancient homes. This is because in time past waterproofing products proved to be inefficient. With a poor waterproofing application, modern homes can experience the same problem.

Step 2:

The next step is to ensure that only one fixture is used at a time. It is an excellent idea to find the actual bathroom item causing the dripping or wet patches. This can either be the toilet, bath, shower and much more. For this reason, you will have to make sure every appliance is working while monitoring the drip. The leak can be confirmed by leaving water in your bathtub or shower over night. The pipe between the shower head and the valve should be properly checked.

Step 3:

The pipes should be properly checked for better and confirmative results. There is a space between the lower ceiling and the upstairs bathroom. A hole should be made in the ceiling to help you see through the pipework. With this hole, you will be able to notice any area in the pipe with a leak.

Step 4:

Hire a plumber to complete the job. A professional plumber should be contacted immediately you discover leaking pipes. If you don’t have any prior experience or knowledge in plumbing, ensure to leave this section of the project to a professional plumber. With a professional plumber hired, there will be a properly review of the entire project. The hired expert will ensure that the waterproofing of your bathroom is properly done. If re-laying is crucial, then the professional plumber will ensure to provide the best service.

Detecting A Water Leak Under Concrete:

The pipes under a building may get damaged over time and start leaking. There is every possibility that this may not become a huge problem at first. The continuous leaks and damage may eventually lead to a hike in water utility bills. If proper care is not given, the cost of repairing these leaking pipes may skyrocket. By employing a couple of strategies, it is possible to check for a leak prior to spending tons of GBPs on a plumber.

Common symptoms of damage can help you to easily detect a water leak under concrete. Signs such as cracks in the foundation, pooling water, or a hike in water utility bill can give you some ideas of the problem. Turning off water-based appliances and faucets in your home can help test for a leaky pipe.

Turn off the major shut-off valve to locate the actual leaky spot. The next step to take is by getting rid of your house meter lid. It means that you are encountering a damaged or worn out pipe if the odometer or leak indicator is moving. Keep reading on recommendations that can help during the process of hiring a professional plumber.

Observation For Under Concrete Water Leaks:

  • 1
    Water appliances and faucets should the turned off immediately. This first step will help to properly check for any water leak through your home’s meter. Common water appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines should be switched off. In case any device is left operating during the process, the water meter will deliver an inaccurate reading or damages may be experienced.
  • 2
    The major water shut-off valve of your property should be monitored. Areas such as the garage or basement remain the best place to find your home’s water valve in cold regions. The ground near the water meter or a pipe located by the corner of the house remains the best place to find a valve in warmer regions.
  • 3
    Water running into your home should be cut off. In case you are using a water valve with just a single visible wheel, ensure to move it in a clockwise direction. This will help to stop water flowing in your house. In a scenario where your property uses a water valve displaying two wheels, then one has to be left opened while the other is turned off near your house. To ensure that the water is properly cut of, you may endeavor to switch on a faucet from a distance to the valve. The valve may creak or leak if your older pipes are turned off.

The Inspection For Symptoms Of Under Concrete Leak Damages:

  • The display of mildew or mold patches. When water continues to sit in your concrete for a long time, mildew and mold can grow faster than anticipated. In most case, it may be impossible to see the development of this mildew or mold growth. On this note, it is a good idea to check for areas that smell musty around your property. When water leak spreads faster behind drywall, mildew and mold development is easily established.
  • Observe the rise of any water bill. One of the best ways to know that your underground pipes are damaged or leaking is through a major spike in sewer or water bills. If your water utility bill is increasingly rising from month to month, then there may be a huge leak in the pipes.
  • Check for warped wood floors, damp carpet, or pools of water. There will be water accumulation under your concrete basement or foundation when slabs leak. It is possible for the leaked water to remain in your yard, floors, or even the concrete. Look for environments that are unexpectedly damp or darker if you experience a carpeted floor. Check out for spots if you have wood panel floors. The wood will later begin to warp.
  • check
    Another amazing idea is to search for leaky appliances. When certain appliances begin to leak, it may lead to water bill hikes. Toilets have the tendency to leaky faster than a homeowner can notice. For this reason, you should always check for leaky appliances to confirm your conscience.
  • check
    Food coloring added to the tank can help you detect toilet leaks. The process should last at least for ten minutes to help in detecting the actual spot of leak. There will be a toilet leak if the coloring moves to the bowl. Look for dripping or pooling water around if you are dealing with a water-based appliance or faucet.
  • check
    Confirm if your water heater is always switched on. If the hot water heater is operating every time, it is a clear sign of a leakage under your concrete. Since the heater is always operating and the hot water escapes, it may confirm a major basement or concrete leak. Sometimes, a broken or damaged heater can lead to a leak.
  • check
    Check to determine if your water fixtures are not functioning properly. There will be plenty of water when showers, bathtubs and sinks operate on high pressure. This process helps to provide a homeowner everything they required for using water daily. A leak pipe may be the cause when these appliances start to provide weaker or smaller steams. To confirm the functionality of your water fixtures, try to turn them off and test for every item.
  • check
    Foundation crack should be properly checked. This is because most foundation or basement cracks often signify a sewer leak. Fresh water pipes are responsible for most slab leaks. This simply means that you should not always put the blame on sewer pipes.
  • check
    Water will move to the surface when most of these pipes become damaged or break. This is another reason why most basements usually experience warp or crack. Sewer leaks may include warped or uneven floors, bowed, rotated, or separated walls, cracks in moldings, bricks, titles, or floor and windows or doors that will not close.
  • check
    For warm spots, you can endeavor to feel your floor. For areas that are usually hot, you can walk with your bare feet and get a sense of the feel. The most confirming effects will take place on wood or tile floors. Masking tape can be used to mark any location that shows or confirm your feel. If you continue to notice the same hot feeling for over twenty-four hours, then a broken or damage water pipe may be responsible.


Methods Of Hiring A Professional Plumber For Water Leaks Under Concrete:

When most people problems with leaking concrete, it may be difficult to put themselves together and find a lasting solution. When choosing a slab leak plumber, ensure to consider certain important factors.

Professionalism, recommendations, expertise & experience, cost, availability and competence can help greatly. This section will show you proven methods to find a reliable and professional plumber to handle the problem.

Local Plumbers Online:

To resolve the problems relating to slab leaks, it will require breaking your concrete basement. This is where a general contract that handles remedial plumbing projects comes into play. It is highly recommended to choose a plumbing expert that states slab leak repair or detection on their website. This is a clear signal that the plumber has enough experience to handle the project professionally.

For a small fix, you can hire an hourly contractor. While an hourly contract may sound cheap, things may drastically change if the plumber later discovers more problems in the course of the project. Ask neighbors, family member, or friends if you are unable find a trusted plumber online.

Experienced And Knowledgeable Plumber

Make no mistake, not all plumber are professionals. Knowledgeable and experienced plumbers often make use of specialty tools to handle slab leak problems. These plumbing experts will ensure that the problem is isolated into a special place. There are some professional plumbing services that will charge you nothing for detection. However, you may have to spend up to 250 GBP when dealing with other plumbers. The bone of contention here is that you should always hire a knowledgeable and experienced slab leak repair plumber.

Demand A Repair Estimate:

Do not foolishly enter into a deal or contract without asking for a repair estimate. It will help you work with your stipulated budget. The repair estimate should come after confirming that your basement is experiencing a slab leak. In most case, a repair estimate is cascaded on the project size or problem. Nevertheless, you should reserve up to 1000 GBP for a professional job. A written estimate charge should be obtained from your plumber before signing any contract.

Compare Other Offers Before Finalising:

This is where most homeowners get it wrong. The fact that a plumber is eloquent and can give details does not make them the best. Homeowners have to explore a plethora of other professional plumbers before being dedicated to one. On this note, you can try to explore other slab leak repair plumbers and see their estimate.

Choose the best estimate price that satisfies your budget and project needs. Remember that the highest or lowest price plumbing service does not guarantee expertise. For this reason, you can check on the professionalism factor before making your final decision.

Make Your Payment For The Project:

Once you are able to make your final selection of the right plumber, go ahead to make an upfront payment. This will help to motivate the plumber to start the project. It is recommended to reserve some extra cash in case any problem arises.

Dealing With A Water Leak Temporarily:

If you are experiencing minor water leaks, the solutions in this section will help greatly. These solutions will help to provide a space of comfort until the major repair is done. It is important to know that the information here will only work for temporarily water leaks.

Step 1:

To get started, you will have to look for a bowl or container. This container should be able to cover the space of the drip. A perfect container to use can be large jar, ice cream bowl, bucket, plastic item and just to mention a few.

Step 2:

The container will have to be positioned to a higher level from the actual area of the drain. It can be placed on a box, ladder, or chair.

Step 3:

Tubing or a hose should be available to help in the draining process. Visit your home improvement store and purchase either aquarium tubing or a surgical rubber.

Step 4:

Hot melt glue should be used to seal the tubing to the box container. Some other amazing sealing items to use are shoe goo, silicone rubber, epoxy or caulk.

Step 5:

At the upper section of the container, you can insert a hole with either a sharp object or heat.

Step 6:

The tubing should be positioned into the hole. Provided this step is completed, go ahead to seal or protect it.

Step 7:

The end of the tubing should be positioned into a sink, drain, large container or outdoors.

Step 8:

The upper section of the container will have to be secured with a duct tape or cordage. This will help it from falling and tipping over. Users should ensure to protect the tubing from tough pressure experience.

How To Get Prepared:

  • 1
    The water running into your faucet should be turned off.
  • 2
    Go ahead to ensure that the drain is plugged.
  • 3
    Check the kind of faucet you home has. In the case of a compression faucet, you will find two screw handles. One of the handles is for cold and the other maintains the hot option. However, the compression faucet is the easiest to visibly recognize by anyone.

Checking Your Garden Shed For Leaks:

Wet supplies and puddles may prevent you from knowing that your shed has a major leak. The truth is that confirming a shed leak may be difficult to achieve. There is every possible to ignore a leak if you don’t always use a shed. Regular inspection is a great way to know if water enters your shed from any location. The content in a shed may be damaged due to the presence of water over time. If proper care is not taken, the shed can as well be damaged in the long run.

Checking For Damage To Your Shed’s Structure:

  • Damages that can eventually become a major crack should be checked. The shed should be properly checked both outside and inside for nagging symptoms of damage. Damaged tiles, shingles and torn waterproof are some of the signs to check for. Warped or damaged wood can lead to the destruction of your shed’s original structure.
  • Check the bottom of the shed to see if water may be entering. There is a possibility for water to enter into your shed from the bottom. Suspending your shed or putting it on a concrete basement is a great way to avoid this problem. Water is more liable to entering into your shed if it does not come with a suspension stand or construction.
  • In case you notice any immediate damage to your shed, ensure to add a suspension stand or clamp. Creating a concrete basement or an uplifting object will help to keep your shed in an excellent condition. Wooden planks have shown more sustainability when it comes to maintaining the stability and weight of a shed. If you are unable to use a concrete basement, then consider using wooden planks.
  • check
    Remember that pressurized wood is the best for making a shed last for a long time. Ensure that the timber used for making the shed is painted and pressure-treated. To resistant any damp condition, using wood preservation can help.

How To Look For A Garden Shed’s Leaks

  • Check on the discoloration of the shed. Garden owners can check the walls and upper roof of their shed to see if there is any discoloration. If the structure of your shed has darker patches and stains, it may be a huge of leaks. The sign of running or dripping water into the shed can be noticed through the display of streaks and dark patches. If mold or mildew is developing on your shed, then the fabric will be discolored as well.
  • Another amazing way to check for a shed’s leaks is by checking all items found inside. It will help in the determination of where the water is flowing to. Patches of rust, discoloration of items and other important tools in the shed may signify water leaks.
  • Allowing rain to drop prior to inspecting your shed can as well help in detecting any leak. If the discoloration method fails or checking the inside content did not work, then allow it to rain. There will be a confirmation of leaks after raining if your shed have some puddles. These puddles can be found where your shed has cracks or tears.
  • check
    A shed’s leak is different from condensation. Condensation will only occur when air above the shed form some droplets over a cold surface. This should not be considered as a leak in any way. If the shed is well-ventilated, the chances of condensation may be slim. Nevertheless, the colder sections of your shed may be reliable to experiencing condensation.
  • check
    The vegetation developing on the corners of your shed should be pruned. If the walls of your shed have dirt or any growing vegetation, it may lead to a major leak. To get rid of dampness, your shed should be able to circulate air.
  • check
    Guttering problems should be avoided at all costs. When water is being moved from your shed to the drains in the ground directly, it will lead to guttering. This implies that you should keep all guttering clear on your shed. The flow of water should also remain free and simple to increase the longevity of the shed.

Resolving A Garden Shed Water Leak Problems:

  • Repairing the roof of your shed is an amazing way to prevent from any water leak. Lost shingles or tiles should be replaced and other external actions to keep the roof safe can also work. Putting more holes on the roof of a garden shed is way of inviting water leaks.
  • If you find any holes entrusted on your shed, simply go ahead to patch them. A bitumen mat material is a great sticking plaster that can help patch any hole on your shed. Using a duct tape will also do the same service as a bitumen mat material.
  • Any cracks found on your shed should be patched. Duct tape and wood filler are amazing materials you can use to patch shed cracks. A sealant will help to patch a leaking window in your shed.
  • check
    Repairing a shed on a yearly basis is another way to get rid of water leaks and boost its longevity. Repainting should not be removed from the process of boost the life of your shed. It is a great way to preserve the shed wood.

Tips To Fix Leaking Pipes:

If there is leak in your home pipes, you may a risk accumulating huge water bills. Prior to calling a plumber or dedicating to comprehensive repair, you can manage to fix the problem. While you can still have running water, there is every possibility to temporarily stop the leak.

If There Is A Huge Leak Cut Out The Pipe:

  • 1
    The first step to take if there is a huge leak, you will have to measure the dimension of the pipe. Go ahead to buy the same size of pipe and make a quick replacement.
  • 2
    Drain the pipes after shutting off the water.
  • 3
    Get rid of the affected piece of pipe by using a metal cutting saw.
  • 4
    The ends of the remaining pipes should be properly polished.
  • 5
    If it’s a copper pipe, go ahead to solder the new piece. With other piping systems, you will have the opportunity to purchase a replacement having a union piece for easy coupling.
  • 6
    The coupling of the piece of pipe should be done properly to avoid any further leaks.
  • 7
    The water should be turned on.

Putting The Leak To A Complete Stop:

  • 1
    The water valve leading to the pipe should be shut off
  • 2
    The faucets should be turned on to get rid of the remaining water found in the pipes.
  • 3
    Use a cloth or towel to wipe the pipe dry. Before continuing the process, ensure that the pipe is perfectly dry.
  • 4
    Position some epoxy on the leaking location with the help of a putty knife.
  • 5
    The leak should be protected by using a rubber. Prior to moving to next step, ensure that the leak is totally secured.
  • 6
    On the rubber, you will have to make use of a clamp for tightening and allow for a space of one hour.
  • 7
    After the rubber becomes dry, ensure to use a water resistance tape for the covering. It will help to provide two time protection.
  • 8
    After the rubber becomes dry, ensure to use a water resistance tape for the covering. It will help to provide two time protection.
  • 9
    Ensure that there is no leak after turning on the water valve back.

Hints For Repairing A Leaky Aquarium:

It can be a huge problem when you have a leaky aquarium. In fact, the problem will only increase if you are trying to maintain a big aquarium. In most cases, you will discover aquarium leaks often take place on the seams. When the seams are affected, it will unleash a little water gradually. If you are unable to resolve the problem, it can continue to allow more water leakages in your apartment or home.

It can even destroy the whole aquarium without your knowledge. When your aquarium is experiencing a water leak, take certain steps to get the problem resolved. Using the right techniques, proper supplies and a great preparation process, you can handle an aquarium water leak problem.

Get The Surface Ready:

  • 1
    From the aquarium, you can endeavor to drain some water. Water should be removed from the aquarium to enable you clean and maintain the item properly. Ensure that the affected area is dry to prevent further leaks. Water can be removed by using a bucket, cup or other items. In case the damage is at the bottom, ensure to get rid of the whole water in the aquarium.
  • 2
    The old sealant should be removed. Check the leaking area and remove any old sealant with a razor blade. This is because getting rid of the silicone from the affected area will help you achieve a great result. 
  • 3
    Now, you will have to clean and maintain the affected area. Use a clean damped cloth with acetone to ensure the process is successful. The cleaning process will help to get rid of dirt, residue, or other disturbing items.

Covering The Leak:

  • 1
    The leaked area should be covered with nontoxic one hundred percent silicone sealant.
  • 2
    The sealant should be allowed to remain dry for a long time.
  • 3
    Try to check for some leaks after the sealant is dry.
  • 4
    The tank should be assembled for a test.

Finding Complex Leaks:

  • 1
    In the aquarium, you will have to carefully monitor the water level.
  • 2
    Check the aquarium for any form of wetness.
  • 3
    Check the leaking location by inspecting the tank.
  • 4
    The actual area of the leak should be properly marked.
  • 5
    Check the leaks that you can immediately handle and leave the rest for a professional plumber.

How To Repair A Leaky Faucet:

A leaky faucet can leak to total irritation, annoyance and higher water bills. One amazing thing about a water faucet leak is that almost anyone can handle the situation easily. With the availability of the right tools and identification of the faucet type, you will discover that the job is an easy one. Rather than spending tons of GBPs to a plumber, this guide can help you fix almost any faucet water leakage problem.

How To Get Prepared:

  • 1
    The water running into your faucet should be turned off.
  • 2
    Go ahead to ensure that the drain is plugged.
  • 3
    Check the kind of faucet you home has. In the case of a compression faucet, you will find two screw handles. One of the handles is for cold and the other maintains the hot option. However, the compression faucet is the easiest to visibly recognize by anyone.

Resolving A Compression/Cartridge/Ball And Ceramic-Disk Faucet Water Leak Problems:

  • 1
    Each handle of the faucet should be removed.
  • 2
    The nut will have to be removed by using a wrench.
  • 3
    Go ahead to get rid of the steam.
  • 4
    The seat washer should be removed.
  • 5
    The next step is to ensure that the seat washer is completely replaced.
  • 6
    Any small leaks should be completely fixed after reassembling each handle.

Best Water Leak Detector of 2018 - UK Reviews and Ratings

Water leak detectors or sensors come in a plethora of capabilities and features. The truth is that these sensors detect or notice water in almost the same approach. The electrical conductivity reduces the resistance of 2 terminals on a give strip in the detector when water is available. An alarm is sounded when these sensors sense water.

This will help you resolve any problem relating to leaks before a huge problem ensues. These products are often applied in environments with reserves of water such as ice machines, drain pipes and tanks. A water leak detector can as well be helpful in your business center or at home. Below are some products that have maintained a high function capability for water leak detection.

Zircon 64003 Leak Alert Detector:

This five pack Zircon 64003 Leak Alert device to help you experience total peace of mind. It can be used in a plethora of rooms in your property. The device has the capability of flashing lights and sounding alarm for up to seventy-two hours at the smallest detection of water. In the case of flood, the Zircon 64003 will float to give you the best signal.

The audible low battery alert makes the device easily work in very cold temperature. This product is ideal for use near sump pumps, dishwashers, sinks, water heaters and just to mention a few. By positioning this leak alert in any area of your home, it will help to protect from the damage of water. Any area of your home with the potential for leaks and flooding can get a quick alert by using the Zircon 64003.

With a direct water contact, the product’s 85dB sound will blow an alarm to keep you alert. The device does not need a hub or wiring, but an installed nine volts battery. For optimum performance, the product displays a low battery warning. Ensure to replace and check the product’s batteries yearly just like your smoke detector.

Glentronics WD-HWA Basement Watchdog:

One amazing benefit for using this water leak sensor is that it remains budget-friendly. The Glentronics WD-HWA will save your property from expensive repairs and potential damage. The solid state circuitry feature of the product makes it easy for the device to detect water leakage in seconds.

Glentronics WD-HWA Basement Watchdog

In most cases, you will discover that the product offers around one hundred and ten decibels of loudness when spreading an alert. The alarm feature of this device is also dependent and reliable. Users will enjoy the battery-saver function of the Glentronics WD-HWA for a long time.

The product also comes with a 6-foot sensor cable to help you make easy contact. The product is durable, portable and easy to use. In fact, using the Glentronics WD-HWA will always help you get away from any potential damage of flooding or water leaks.

Sump Pump THP205 Alarm Out/Indoor:

This product is simply an industrial-grade system ideal for several applications. The Sump Pump THP205 can help to detect any water leaks from your pond, pool and for monitoring other home appliances. The LED pilot light of the device is durable and can travel a long distance.

The device is proud to provide users a plethora of cord lengths. This means that you can attach the Sump Pump THP205 in almost anywhere at home or office. The wall anchors that accompany the product make it possible for hanging the Sump Pump THP205 from any suspension at home.

The durable weatherproof housing helps to protect the device from environmental damage. When talking about detecting water leaks, the product is next to none in the market. Above all, it is cost-effective, easy to use and can last for a long time without any damage.

Ideal Security SK616: 

The Ideal Security SK616 remains a wireless water leak detector. It can be attached one of the producer’s auto-dialers or as a standalone alarm for extra notifications. The Ideal Security SK616 is great for cottages and vacation homes. 

Properties that have not been habited by people can use the device effectively. The product comes in a standby mode and operates at sixty-foot wireless range. In the UK, water damage remains the main reason for insurance claim. Water damage can usually cost several GBPs to repair. The Ideal Security SK616 is an easy-to-use leak detector.

By alerting people leaks, this device will give you total peace of mind. With this product, you can reduce damage from leaky roofs, sewer backups, burst pipes, faulty appliances, overland flooding, heavy rainfall and much more. A loud one hundred and five decibel alarm will be triggered when this device makes any contact with water. It can be pared with dialer-systems such as SK662, SK642 and SK633. When this occurs, the control panel will immediate start to dial. Users have the opportunity to program the panel to redial up to five times. Immediately it is around forty-five seconds, the local alarm will turn off.

The installation process of the device is easy and simple. The product comes with an installable nine volts battery. Position the device on your home floor and switch on the alarm. Even with hard-to-reach locations, the six-foot long sensor wire can help you set the device quickly. It can be attached to a sink or bathtub with the help of its inbuilt suction cup. This helps to unleash warning signs for there is an overflow of water. Another thing to know about Ideal Security SK616 is that it can work for any leaks such as drains, sinks, washing machines, dishwashers and hot water tanks.

CEEBON Water Leak Detector:

Do you know that your surprise about leak or flood can fade into thin air in a split second? With CEEBON Water Leak detector, any surprise leaks create will fade away. 

When the device comes in contact with water, it will often trip off. It is a great sensor that can help you to quickly respond to floods and leaks. The CEEBON Water Leak detector helps to prevent the further damage of your property.

The product is ideal for positioning near locations such as burst prone pipes, water tanks, sump pumps and even beneath sink. The water-sensing alarm and water defense system of the product protect against potential damages and leaks in your home. With this device, you will get complete peace of mind. In the full package, you will get alarm and water sensor all in one. The loud audible alarm is beyond anticipation.

The product remains an economical method to stand against water leaks from a gamut of areas throughout your home. It is easy to use near toilet, under sinks, sump pumps and water heaters. The CEEBON Water Leak detector is designed to easily re-set for use. It comes with an unrestricted use spot. If you live in an environment where water can cause problem without your consent, then the CEEBON Water Leak detector is the right product to use.

First Alert WA100-3

The normal standard of this product is a complete set of three. This will help buyers to position the product in several areas of their home. One thing that makes the First Alert WA100-3 unique is its special and attractive design. Another important feature of the device is its durability. The device can actively shock resistance close to three feet for safety reasons.

Even after buying this water leak detector, you have a 2-year warranty against any defects. The alarm of the First Alert WA100-3 can last for a space of seventy-two hours. Even if you are from a distance, the alarm from this product is loud enough to hear. Replacing the battery of the device is not a Herculean task. The product works with 1-9V for every alarm that will be used.

At ten feet, the product can as well make use of its eighty-five decibel loudness to sound alarm. The operating condition of the device is around 32-120 degrees F and a shock resistance up to three feet drop on concrete. While the storage temperature of the device is minus twenty to fifty degrees, it also has an eighty percent RH to maintain. In a nutshell, the First Alert WA100-3 is a dependable water leak detector anyone must have.

Fosmon Water Leak Detector

Believe it or not, water leaks can occur without the notice of a homeowner. When flood and other items relating to water come knocking for destruction, you can always have a detector to help. 

Fosmon Water Leak Detector

This is where the Fosmon Water Leak Detector comes into play. If you sense a potential leak at home, simply place this product to help for detection. It can be used in any area of your home provided the product is turned on.

With this amazing device, you may be able to save your home from the ravishing damages of water or flood. The Fosmon Water Leak Detector can be used near dishwashers, laundry rooms, refrigerators, plumbing centers, sump pumps, basements, garages, toilets, water heaters, sinks and washing machines. The device will produce a loud audible alarm after detecting the appearance of water. Depending on the longevity of the battery, it can produce audible sound for up to seventy-two hours nonstop.

In every sixty seconds, the alarm of the product usually chirp to inform the user when the nine volts battery is low. This means that replacement is possible whenever you notice low battery delivery. The product can be mounted on the wall or directly placed to the floor along with its functioning hardware. If you will like to place this device in anywhere of your home, then simply enjoy the benefit of its length. Buyers can extend the device close to five feet and used at any point of comfort.

W1 Honeywell Wi-Fi Water Leak Detector:

This is product that can perform two functions at the same time. It has the capability of operating as a freeze and water leak detector. With the W1 Honeywell Wi-Fi detector, you will be able to notice a tiny before it becomes something huge. 

A property can be damaged through the malfunction of frozen and leaking pipes. The product is your one stop to detecting any water leak complications swiftly. Using the device is one of the smartest ways to combat water leaks in your home.

The W1 Honeywell Wi-Fi detector will prevent you from engaging in expensive repairs and potential damage by water. Whether you are taking a trip, working in the office, or relaxing at home, this amazing device will always produce alarming signals of any water leaks. Even if the humidity and temperature conditions move above normal, this detector will produce a loud sound for notification. One thing is sure when using this device - it will give you peace of mind.

To wrap around risk pipes, the device has a 1.2m complete sensing cable. It detects and monitors water leaks, humidity issues and temperatures. If a leak is detected, the inbuilt one hundred decibel alarm will ring continuously. It only requires the Honeywell Home app and a Wi-Fi connection to use the device. Buyers can get quick notification on their tablet or smartphone when using the device. The product is also cost-effective but provides you with a plethora of amazing features.

TeckAffect Water Leak Detector:

One amazing feature that you will enjoy well with this product is its loud alarm. The TechAffect Water Leak detector operates with one hundred and thirty decibel. This is enough to make you detect any water leaks in your home. 

For instance, if the bath level is too high, the device will immediately produce a loud sound for notification. The device can be operated by handing it on the wall or other locations that suits your curiosity. The electrical conductivity of water will help to determine the loudness of the product’s alarm.

An audible alarm will be sounded if enough water fills an electrical circuit between the 2 terminals in the product. If the batteries of the device run down, it will also affect the loudness of the product. The uniqueness of the devices is found in the ease-of-use and simplicity. The TechAffect Water Leak detector can be used in areas such as toilets, plumbing units, beneath fish tanks, refrigerators, dishwashers, in the basement and heater. With the device, you can always experience total peace of mind. If you are envisaging an area of your home susceptible to water leak, simply attach this device there.

Another thing to know is that the product can be used as a crucial protection device. It can help prevent sinks and baths being filled beyond anticipation. It is one of the ultimate and safest devices that can protect your property from water damage. It can be used anywhere at home, especially places where you suspect water leaks. The TechAffect Water Leak detector is cheap to buy in the market and can serve you for a long period of time. Give it a try now and see how the device works.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Water Leak Detector:

  • 1
    Fast response time
  • 2
    Setup processes
  • 3
    Detection range
  • 4
    Work environment
  • 5
  • 6
    Ease of use, quality and durability


Water leaks can occur at any time without your consent. It often occurs when you are asleep or not at home. There is every possibility to experience a huge damage before noticing water leaks. So many homes in the United Kingdom annually experience property damage from water leaks.

The comprehensive information in this guide will get you prepared for any circumstance that water leaks can cause. Use the tips in this content to resolve temporarily water leak problems through top-notch detectors. If the problem is beyond your reach, then try to hire a professional and experienced plumber.

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Best Water Softener Reviews UK – Top Water Softener Systems in the UK 2018 https://watersystemexperts.co.uk/best-water-softener-reviews-uk-systems/ https://watersystemexperts.co.uk/best-water-softener-reviews-uk-systems/#respond Mon, 02 Apr 2018 02:27:15 +0000 https://watersystemexperts.co.uk/?p=8 #1 Water Softener in the UK - Water2Buy W2B200 with Free Bypass Valve and 7 Years Warranty (WSE's Top Recommendation) Water2Buy W2B200 is the BEST water softener in the UK. Period. It's a salt based water softening system which has been proven to be 100% efficient when it comes to removing hard water (limescale) from your […]

The post Best Water Softener Reviews UK – Top Water Softener Systems in the UK 2018 appeared first on WaterSystemExperts.co.uk.


Water2Buy W2B200 is the BEST water softener in the UK. Period. It's a salt based water softening system which has been proven to be 100% efficient when it comes to removing hard water (limescale) from your home water system. Not only is it efficient, but also durable and very cost friendly. Some of its top features include Meter Control, a Free Bypass Valve and and unbelievable warranty of 7 years. Click on the button below to get the BEST PRICE on Water2Buy W2B200:

If you’ve decided to use a water softener system, then you probably know most of the benefits of doing so already; the real question on your mind is: how do I choose the right solution?

With water in many parts of the UK defined as ‘hard’ or ‘very hard’, because of its high calcium carbonate component, and with much of it coming from springs in limestone and chalk aquifiers, you are not alone in searching for a solution.


The lime-scale associated with hard water (calcium and magnesium build up) can damage appliances and affect clothing, and also collects in pipes and damages domestic water systems, reducing the efficiency of heaters and boilers.

A water-softening solution that is connected to the plumbing system and which covers the whole home is therefore a ‘no-brainer’ for many people.

What is more difficult is the choice of unit. The high volume of solutions on the market means it can be confusing for homeowners to select the right one for their needs. This is complicated by several different types of units being available, each with its own set of specific pros and cons.

Here we break down what your choices are – and recommend some of the best water softeners UK available on the market today. You’ll find something to fit most budgets...

What are the different types of water softener systems available?

There are essentially three different categories of whole-house water softener solutions. This excludes filter systems, which often use reverse osmosis, as these are generally designed to purify water, rather than just soften it.

Each type of solution softens hard water in a slightly different way, as explained briefly below:

  • Salt-based systems

Water2Buy W2B200 is the best salt best water softener in the UK.

With salt-based systems, sodium ions replace hard water (calcium and magnesium) ions to soften the water.

As well as a tank for resin beads, they require a salt chamber or ‘brine tank’ that needs to be topped up to maintain the effectiveness of the system. A system ‘regeneration’ process refreshes the resin beads that soften the water. Nowadays these are usually timer-based (every 1 or 2 days for instance) or meter-based (depending on your water usage), meaning that they are low-maintenance.

While some homeowners avoid drinking this water because of the additional salt content, it is very effective in softening the water and is often used for very hard water; the resulting water is perfectly safe to drink, but homeowners may reserve the cold tap as a drinking water tap.

Note that these systems are often quite bulky and are required to be installed near a drain, for discharge of the salt tank. Tablet/granular salt or block salt may be used, depending on system design.

  • Salt-free systems

Eddy Electronic Water Descaler is the best salt free water softening system in the UK.

Salt-free systems use nano-technology to alter the atomic structure of the water and soften it. They are generally used for water that is moderately hard.

They are effective when lime-scale has built up in the existing plumbing system, helping to remove this from the pipes and ensuring that it no longer contributes to the hardness of the water and worsens the situation.

Because no salt additives are required, running costs are generally lower, maintenance easier, and no nearby drain is required for installation. These are considered more environmentally-friendly than salt-based solution, but are not always quite so effective in removing hardness.

  • Electro-magnetic systems

Electro-magnetic systems are the smallest, most compact solutions available, and work using magnetic wires that are placed around the water piping system to alter the structure of the water molecules, softening the water.

They are often used for water with a low to medium hardness. Again, with no additives, this type of solution is considered low maintenance, cheap to run, and environmentally friendly, with no water run-off. They are also relatively easy to install.

Best Water Softener solutions for your home

The solution that’s right for you will depend on factors such as:

  • The hardness of your home’s water
  • Your budget
  • Space considerations
  • Your maintenance preferences
  • Environmental considerations
  • The importance of running costs

So we have chosen what we consider to be the best Water Softener Systems one in each of the main four categories. These are summarised in the following table and you will find a more comprehensive Water Softener Reviews of each model below it.

Best Water Softeners in the UK 2017 Comparison Table

ManufacturerModelImageTypeWarrantyPrice GuideDimensions (mm)
Water 2 BuyW2B200

Water 2 Buy W2B200Salt-based/ Electric7 YearsCheck Price Now!D440 x W230 x H640
Harvey’s/Fountain SoftenersHarvey's Crown SoftenerHarvey's CrownSalt-based/ Non-electric5 YearsCheck Price Now!D460 x W212 x H490
Water Filter ManEco+ Whole House Water Filter System & Softenereco-water-filter-manSalt-free/
3 YearsCheck Price Now!D210 x W480 x H490
Eddy Water DescalersEddy Electronic Water Descalereddy-water-descalerElectronicLifetimeCheck Price Now!D35 x W170 x H90

1. The Water2Buy W2B200 - #1 Water Softener in the UK

Water 2 Buy W2B200


Water2Buy is an Irish-based manufacturer that has made a name for providing lower cost, high technology equipment across the UK and Europe.

It prides itself not only in the quality of its softeners, but in providing manuals that simplify system installation, with easy-to-follow diagrams as well as YouTube videos, and in providing good after-sales support and service.


This is a white and blue plastic-encased unit. At 44cm deep x 23cm wide x 64cm high, and weighing 18kg, it will fit under the kitchen sink. It is very compact, and delivers performance above what you’d expect for a unit of this size.

Installation, operation, and maintenance

The Water2Buy W2B200 is compatible with most UK heating systems and should be installed on a cold water supply, near a power source and drains for the waste and overflow. You can install it without a plumber if you have a little DIY knowledge, connection hoses, and a waste and overflow kit.

It is a salt-based, electric system. Regeneration of its resin is meter-controlled, and takes around 30 minutes. This is generally considered the most efficient way of providing 24-hour water softening, because it is based on the actual amount of water throughput, rather than on arbitrary, time-based system, where water usage may vary.

It can use all types of softener salt for regeneration – block, tablet, or crystal – with easy access provided by its wide, removable lid. Because it uses salt only while cleaning, rather than daily, some customers remark that it uses less salt than other units they have used: generally around 25Kg of salt every 2 months.

Value for money

It is extremely effective at removing lime-scale and is a reliable and robust product according to the reviews. At its price-point around £300, it represents great value for money and frequently comes in as the overall Number 1 water softener on Amazon: it combines economy, efficiency, and a compact build.

Ideal for...

This particular model is recommended for:

  • Up to 4 people living in a house or apartment
  • A water hardness range up to 400 PPM
  • Households with a water usage up to 1250 litres per day


These units have a 30-day money back guarantee and the equipment is covered up to 7 years under warranty.

Other points for buyers to note

  • It has a built-in mixer valve to allow you to adjust water hardness
  • Users have commented on the quietness of the system as it runs and cleans
  • You can set the machine to clean while you sleep
  • Some packages come with a free by-pass valve (worth £50), so look out for this as part of the offer
  • Other more powerful options are available in this series: these can soften water for larger households up to 10 people, with up to triple the water throughput, and higher calcium/magnesium concentrations. Of course, they also come at a slightly higher price, but still represent great value
  • A timer-based model is also available in this series

2. Harvey’s Crown Non-Electric Block Salt Water Softener

Harvey's Crown


Harvey’s softeners are supplied by Fountain Softeners: a well-established name in the industry, based in West Sussex, in England. It has been making water softeners for 50 years and has built a reputation for high quality softeners and accessories, as well as other kitchen equipment like taps and water filters.

The company prides itself in custom-made designs, free delivery in mainland UK, with free service monitoring and service back-up from their own team of engineers.


Harvey’s Crown Softener is an all-white plastic unit that is 46cm deep x 21cm wide x 49cm high. Weighing in at 20kg, it is a very compact unit that will comfortably fit under most kitchen sinks – yet it has great capacity.

Installation, operation, and maintenance

The unit is a non-electric twin tank model that uses block salt to soften household water.

Like the Water2Buy model described above, its regeneration cycle is based upon actual water consumption rather than a timer, increasing efficiency and reducing the amount of salt required.

Its twin tank design enables it to supply soft water while it is regenerating – a big improvement on older systems out there. It can be set to regenerate at any time of the day or night, which means you have softened water available 24/7 and are not suddenly going to run out if you have guests.

Unlike the Water2Buy model described above, it runs entirely on water pressure, so requires no electricity supply. This reduces running costs and simplifies installation.

This unit has been designed with the UK market in mind and is supplied with a selection of 15mm or 22mm fitting kits, a water hardness tester kit, and starter pack of block salt. With a little DIY know-how, you can install it yourself. It will adapt to the pipework in your property, as the internal unit can be turned so that the inlet/outlet port can be on either side of the unit.

Value for money

While it comes in at a significantly higher price point than the Water2Buy model, it is a high end system in terms of performance. It is one of the most technically-advanced units on the market for UK households. Because it requires no electricity (which reduces running costs), and it includes a 5 year on-site labour warranty, the higher price point can be justified.

Ideal for...

This particular model is recommended for:

  • Medium-sized families – up to 6 people or more
  • Those who want a technically-advanced water softening system, with low running costs
  • Households where water usage fluctuates considerably through the day


Fountain Softeners provides a 5-year parts and 5-year labour (on-site) guarantee that provides extra peace of mind for homeowners, should there be any faults or maintenance required.

Other points for buyers to note

  • Users comment on how well this unit works with any type of plumbing system
  • It will comfortably cope with six or more people in the property
  • Make sure you order the correct installation kit

3. Eddy Electronic Water Descaler - Best Salt Free Water Softener in the UK


Eddy Water Descalers is a Surrey-based company set up 15 years ago to create water softening units manufactured in the UK using British design and technology; the company wanted to design a unit that could be used in any size of property – including small commercial properties like hair salons and restaurants.

It prides itself not only on the reliability of its products, but on providing follow-up service where customers always get to speak to a representative.


The Eddy unit is the smallest one you will come across – just 3.5cm deep x 17cm wide x 9cm high. With these dimensions, it’s no surprise that it weighs just 620 grams. It looks vastly different to the other models described because it uses very different technology.

Installation, operation, and maintenance

The Eddy Electronic Water Descaler is a double-power output unit that has been on the market and receiving great reviews, since 2006.

It requires no salt or chemicals, has no regeneration process, and will not flush healthy minerals out of the water. Instead, this unit uses electro-magnetism to soften hard water.

Its super high-power twin coils are placed round your incoming water supply pipe to produce a complex electro-magnetic wave. The household water responds to this ever-changing magnetic field as it passes through the coils, altering the adhesion properties of the calcium and magnesium. These changes mean that the lime-scale cannot deposit itself in your home’s pipework and appliances.

Because this process does not alter the chemical hardness (TDS) of the water, all the beneficial minerals are retained, but the problem of lime-scale build up is eradicated.

The unit is very easy to install yourself, with no plumber required. It works with both metal and plastic piping and comes with the necessary cables for pipes up to 28mm diameter.

Value for money

The model provides exceptional value for money as it is cheap to purchase, comes with a lifetime guarantee, requires no maintenance, and incurs minimal running costs.

Ideal for...

This particular model is recommended for:

  • Households looking for an economical solution to water hardness
  • Those looking for an eco-friendly solution
  • Households where the water is light to moderately hard


Eddy Water Descalers provide a lifetime guarantee against unit failure. It also provides a 12-month money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with the performance of the unit in any way.

Other points for buyers to note

  • It has achieved 99% customer satisfaction over 14 years – with only 1% of units returned according to the warranty
  • Customers regularly comment about the low running costs per year (minimal impact on the electricity bill)
  • It may need to be given a period of 2-3 months to really start clearing pipes of lime-scale – give it time to work!
  • In areas where the water is excessively hard, some users have commented that the unit is less effective

4. Eco+ Whole House Water Filter System & Salt-Free Water Softener - #1 Filter and Softener Combination in the UK



Water Filter Man is a well-established West Midlands-based company specialising in water filtration systems and water purification.

It is known not only for de-scaling and softening products, but for products that filter and purify water in an environmentally friendly, convenient, and cost-effective way.


The Eco+ system is a blue plastic dual-filter unit. It is 21cm deep x 48cm wide x 49cm high, and is very lightweight, at just 10Kg.

Installation, operation, and maintenance

This unit is different in three key respects to those already described.

Firstly, it is salt-free. It requires no blocks, crystals or tablets, and there is no ‘regeneration’ process. Secondly, it not only softens the household water, but purifies it too, using its dual-tank water filtration system. Thirdly, it requires no power supply (unlike the W2B200).

The first filter acts to filter levels of compounds such as chlorine and heavy metals, thereby making the water free of impurities, tastes, and odours. It also has an antibacterial filter media to help inhibit bacterial growth within the filter and to extend its life.

The second filter provides a chemical and salt-free water softener that the manufacturer states is 99.6% effective at de-scaling and preventing future scale build up. A process called Template Assisted Crystallization (TAC) conditions the water, converting the calcium and magnesium into inactive microscopic crystals.

The filters need replacing periodically: every year (or 200,000 litres usage) is recommended for the first filter and every three years (or 750,000 litres usage) for the scale prevention cartridge.

Installation is generally by a plumber. It can be wall-mounted and should be connected in-line with the cold mains water pipe. It is supplied with ¾-inch BSP threaded fittings for installation.

Value for money

The model provides great value for money as it does two jobs at once and generates minimal running costs for the homeowner. It's the best choice if you are looking to purchase a combo of whole house water filtration system and an efficient water softener.

Ideal for...

This particular model is recommended for:

  • Small families up to 3 or 4 people
  • Those looking for water purification as well as softening
  • Households keen to keep running costs down
  • Those who want a an eco-friendly solution


Water Filter Man provides a 3-year guarantee on system parts and fixings. This excludes the filter cartridge, which should be replaced as required.

Other points for buyers to note

  • If you want a water softener without the extra filter, the same company manufactures a smaller, softening-only unit at a lower price, using the same softening technology.
  • Users comment that a high flow rate is maintained and that the system has minimal impact on water pressure
  • It works in homes with appliances sensitive to pressure including cold feed electric showers and Combi boilers


The four units outlined above should cover most of the options for any UK homeowner looking for an effective water softening unit.

While personal preferences will be different, and none of the units are 100 percent perfect, each has received excellent feedback and reviews from users. The manufacturers are all well-established and provide good (in some cases, excellent) warranties and service to back up their products.

The stand-out solution that has consistently received the best Amazon reviews is the Water2Buy model, which combines very efficient performance with an attractive price-point, manageable running costs, and a 7-year warranty. When you add its easy installation process and compatibility with UK heating and plumbing systems, it leads the pack.

If you are looking for a similarly-priced solution that filters and purifies the water, as well as softening it, consider the Eco+ Whole House Water Filter System & Softener.

For those who want to spend a little less, or would prefer a salt-free softener, then the Eddy Electronic Water Descaler is a good choice in areas where the water is not excessively hard.

Also, if you a resident of the US, we recommend you to check these reviews instead, when shopping for a water softener.​

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Best Water Filter Jugs of 2018 – Reviews, Prices and Comparisons https://watersystemexperts.co.uk/best-water-filter-jugs-reviews/ https://watersystemexperts.co.uk/best-water-filter-jugs-reviews/#respond Fri, 30 Mar 2018 04:54:01 +0000 https://watersystemexperts.co.uk/?p=57 Water is one of the most important things we need in order to remain alive and healthy. With that being said, you'll be surprised to know that there are different types of drinking water that gives us the many health benefits we need. But what is the best kind of water to drink? Filtered water […]

The post Best Water Filter Jugs of 2018 – Reviews, Prices and Comparisons appeared first on WaterSystemExperts.co.uk.


Water is one of the most important things we need in order to remain alive and healthy. With that being said, you'll be surprised to know that there are different types of drinking water that gives us the many health benefits we need. But what is the best kind of water to drink? Filtered water is one of the most recommended types of water to drink, and luckily you will be able to drink filtered water with good water filter jugs available online or in your local appliance store. But the question is: How will you choose the best water filter jug? In this article, we show you water filter jug reviews and a guide on how to choose a good model for you and your household.

Advantages of Water Filter Jugs

Filtered water has many benefits. It is more affordable than other types of waters but still hold healthy minerals you need to absorb nutrients properly. It keeps you well hydrated without the added chemicals found when cleaning water, as well as detoxifies your system for better functioning. It has also been said that drinking the recommended amount of filter water will help keep your skin smooth and clear. Basically, filtered water is one of the healthiest options if you would like to both look and feel healthy! You are warding away the different illnesses and diseases from you and your family, all the while saving money through having your own water filter.

When using water filter jugs, you'll be able to take advantage of its many benefits, such as:

  • It is better and more affordable to filter your own water rather than to purchase individual bottles.
  • Drinking filtered water reduces the chances of getting gastrointestinal diseases by 33%
  • Using a water filter will remove all signs of lead, ensuring that you are not drinking any of those toxins.
  • Using water filters have been known to reduce certain types of cancers because of the fact that the water it produces holds no chlorine.
  • Drinking filtered water is very important, especially for growing children. It helps protect their systems and keeps them functioning healthily and with ease. That way, they are more immune to diseases and other illnesses that may destroy their bodies.
  • Compared to water with chlorine or cleaned using other chemicals, it will not only be a healthier option, but it will have more flavor and taste better as well, making it easy for your family to reach the goal and drink the recommended amount.
  • Water filter jugs are very easy and simple to use. All you need to do is to add water and let the water filter do the job. It takes no time at all, and once the filtration is done, pour it in a glass for a refreshing drink! Depending on the type of water filter you own, it can store a lot of water good for a whole day.

And these are just some of the many benefits water filters will have for you and your family!

Best Water Filter Jugs Reviewed

But with all these brands and water filter jug models, which one is the best? We review the top five water filter jugs to help you choose:

ManufacturerModelImageCapacityPrice (approx)Buy it Now!
BRITABRITA Elemaris Water Filter Jugbrita-elemaris-water-filter-jug2.4L< £25Check Price Now!
Aqua OptimaAqua Optima Galia Filter Jugaqua-optima-galia-filter-jug2.25L< £20Check Price Now!
PureAirePureAire Alkaline Water Jugpureaire-alkaline-water-jug3.5L< £30Check Price Now!
EcobudEcobud Water Filter Jugecobud-fluoride-and-chlorine-water-filter-jug1.5L< £50Check Price Now!
BWTBWT 2.7L Mineral Water Jugbwt-2-7l-mineral-water-jug2.7L< £30Check Price Now!

1. BRITA Elemaris Water Filter Jug


BRITA has a great water filter jug as they offer different types of colors to choose from, making it match your kitchen! Its slim design will fit any fridge compartment, but still hold a lot of water to last a day. It doesn't only act as a water filter, but as a flavor enhancer, making you more encouraged to drink water and replace sugary drinks. They do this through MAXTRA filtration and advanced technology. It doesn't only make water taste good, but enhances the flavor and taste of your coffee, juices or teas. There is even an intelligent meter to measure the amount of water that is filtered and unfiltered, as well as the time it will take to filter it. Based on reviews, it would most likely take a month before you will need to replace the filters.

They do this through MAXTRA filtration and advanced technology. It doesn't only make water taste good, but enhances the flavor and taste of your coffee, juices or teas. There is even an intelligent meter to measure the amount of water that is filtered and unfiltered, as well as the time it will take to filter it. Based on reviews, it would most likely take a month before you will need to replace the filters.

Another great thing is that the company lessened the buildup of limescale, making it easier to clean and maintain. You won't need to keep cleaning it after usage, as it will be able to stay clean and do the job with ease.

There is rubber on the grip and the bottom of the pitcher, so it won't easily slip off your hands or countertops. This helps avoid spills and accidents, especially when with children. Plus, it's spill-proof! So you won't need to worry about drips or wet messes while pouring water.

There is also an automatic cover for refills, making it easier and convenient when wanting to fill water again. Like mentioned, it comes in different colors, making it stylish and looking great for those who want a certain color in their kitchen or home.

On the downside, the size may be a bit misleading. While it is said to carry 1 liter or 1.4 liters, it would actually be 0.25 liters less than that. But that still makes a great advantage, as that means it would be less likely to slip and spill if it were full, and you will be able to handle the weight. But for children or those with wrist problems, it can be a bit of a problem as it's heavy when filled.

2. Aqua Optima Galia Filter Jug​


This filter jug is famous for its time of filtration, which can last for up to 2 months for a whole family! When bought brand new, it comes with 6 filters, which can easily last for up to 1 whole year. It's been said that it tastes better than any type of tap or bottled water tested, and that it's cleaner as well.

With its nicely designed style, it can fit into any fridge door with ease, and it comes in either blue or transparent color. It can hold up to 2.25 liters, making it perfect for a whole day for 1 person or for half a day for a whole family. It has an easy to pour lid making adults and children pour drinks without hassle, and it even comes with a life indicator showing how long you can use the water for and its fridge life.

What's great about the water filter jug is that it is BPA free and reduces the buildup of limescale, making it easy to maintain without the need to constantly clean it. You save time and effort cleaning it, and you'll be able to have filtered water anytime when at home.

Not only is there an indicator regarding the fridge life of water, but it will also remind you or let you know when the filter needs to be replaced, ensuring that the water you drink will always be properly filtered and never left alone.

A downfall would be the design of the lid, as it may be a bit too much of a hassle when cleaning. Piece fo advice given by reviewers would be to leave it soaked underwater overnight. Also, it can be a bit loose when pouring or fitting it in, but once you replace or add filters, then there is no need to worry about it when pouring.

It's spill proof, making it easy to get your glass of water without worrying about any accidents. Just be careful when removing it when replacing the filters, so long as you don't remove it forcibly and handle with care, you'll be fine and it will remove after.

When it arrives, assembly will be required but will take no longer than 20 minutes to clean and set it up, adding the filters and putting water into the jug.

3. PureAire Alkaline Water Jug


This Alkaline Water Jug will make your water feel very soft and silky with flavor. Not only does it make you feel good, but it encourages you and the whole household to start drinking water as well. It makes your vegetables better when washing, boiling, or steaming using the filtered water, and it will also make the quality of your drinks better with more enhanced flavor.

It uses advanced technology to filter out water, ridding it of metals found in water like lead or copper. It also gets rid of chlorine and other toxins usually found in tap water, making it safe to drink. Its pH balance will be 8.5 to 10, 2 points higher than the usual pH of water. This encourages a good and balanced pH balance in your and your family's body. It comes with an indicator showing how much water is left, as well as how long your filter will be able to last.

Like the other water filters, it reduces lime scale in water, making it easier to clean and maintain. It also comes with a very nice and stylish design to match your kitchen, although you will need to be careful about filling it up, as it can overflow and go to the handles of the jug, which you won't want. Once it overflows, it would spread to the handles and either make your filtered water dirty, or spill onto the table or fridge compartment.

Another downfall with this water jug would be that you won't be able to use it or pour filtered water out while it is filtering the rest. It would be much better if they could separate both filtered and unfiltered water in order for you to be able to drink properly even when the rest of the water is being filtered out.

When you receive it and start assembly, you'll see that it's very simple to set it up, taking less than half an hour to get everything clean and ready for using. It comes with two cartridges to begin filtering your water for months to come. Just remember not to fill it to the brim and to be careful when replacing filters and refilling the water to avoid spillage or damaging the jug itself. All in all, it's still worth its price, being an affordable option that still is part of one of the best water filter jugs out there.

4. Ecobud Fluoride and Chlorine Water Filter Jug


The water filter jug does the usual job of ridding it from toxins and other pollutants. But what makes it different is that it removes fluoride from water as well, almost 100% of it. It gives a pH of 8.0 and above, making your body's pH balanced and healthy. It removes the metal content and bacteria of the water, making sure that it is free from any germs.

What's great is its filtration length. With just one cartridge, you are able to filter water enough for 3 whole months or 800 liters of water. You won't need to boil water anymore and still be worried about how much germs there are, as this water jug assures that the water you will be drinking from it is purely filtered and free from bacteria and pollutants. It has its own indicator showing you the filter's status, and can hold up to 1.2 liters of water, perfect for a whole day for 1 person or a meal with a big family.

When drinking, the flavor is neutral and smooth, making it easy to drink and leaving you feeling much more quenched as compared to drinking the "usual" water. Plus, washing your face and body with the filtered water will have your skin looking and feeling healthier. Many have raved about how it reduced acne and blemishes, as well as making it clearer and with more color. It is compact, holds a lot, and will be able to do the job when filtering water efficiently. Not more to ask for in a water filter jug!

A downfall would be that it doesn't remove 98% of fluoride as stated by the company. People who have tested it say that it removes only 11% of the fluoride. But even then, all have complimented the company on creating an affordable water jug that is able to make water taste great and make them feel healthier. Filters can be quite expensive as compared to other brands, but it's worth the investment as it would last longer than usual, making it less of a hassle to replace the filters. It has an acceptable design that comes in either white or blue, fitting into fridges with ease and no hassle. All in all, worth its price as a water filter jug.

5. BWT 2.7L Mineral Water Jug


What's great about BWT is that they made a water filter jug perfect for any type of household, coming in various colors to enjoy! It has a thin design to help fit any fridge compartment, and it can hold up to 2.7 liters of water, enough for a huge family without the need to keep refilling! It protects lime scale from happening to kettles and other metal pots, and gives the best taste of all types of filtered water. It uses advanced technology to assure that what you are drinking is clear with both flavor and aroma.

Another great part about its design alone is the fact that you won't need to lift the lid when refilling water, making it way easier to avoid spills and much less effort put into when refilling.

There is an indicator which shows how many times you have already refilled the jug. It comes with a set of instructions that help you assemble the jug with ease, using diagrams and well explained instructions. It even comes with an information booklet that shoes you what it does and why it's good for you, informing why you made a wise decision on investing with BWT! It's very user-friendly and easy to use, with children being able to pour water from it themselves. You won't even need to remove the lid.

The only downfall would be is that while it is said to hold up to 2.7 liters of water, you can only use 1.5 liters of that for filtered water. Also, it can be a bit costly, as the filter needs to be changed every month. It is also hard to find, especially since the design comes from Germany. But you are assured the most quality of water, with the best taste among all the others with little to no bacteria at all. The spout is very useful, helping you pour with ease and with minimal work. All you need to do is hold it down, pour, and the spout opens and closes itself, ensuring that it is secure when closed to keep the water pure and fresh.

It is dishwasher safe, easy to maintain and clean, and gives you the quality drinks you need to remain strong and healthy. Definitely worth its price.

Choosing a Good Water Filter Jug

When it comes to choosing the best water filter jug, there are several things you will need to consider, such as:

1. Features

A good water filter will have all the features you will need, as well as a good design that will match your kitchen. Make sure you do your research on the type of machinery and water filter jug you need, as well as the size that will fit wherever you will add it to. How much water will you need in a day? What capacity? Will you need a portable one, or will it stay in your home? Evaluate what you need before purchasing the first water filter jug you find online.

2. Brand name and Feedback

Brand name is important, as they should have a reputable name for themselves that makes them trusted and assured that the water filter jug you are purchasing is made of great quality. Feedback is important as well, since you may experience what other customers have experienced as well. Make sure to search for good reviews on water filter jugs. The more positive, the better! You can either find good recommendations and feedback online, or you can also ask from trusted sources or salesmen regarding the best water filter jug for you and your family.

3. Budget and Pricing

Your budget is important as well. Do research on the fair prices you are able to see online or in local appliance stores. Set your budget at a fair price range based on the features you want. While you don't want to spend and invest on the most expensive one out there for financial sake, you wouldn't also want to scrimp and get the cheapest one in fear of having a low-quality water filter jug! Set a price that suits your budget and will still give you a good quality one.

In Conclusion

A water filter jug is very important to have in your home for many reasons. With a good water filter, you will be able to become a better and healthier you, plus save money on having to purchase bottled or already filtered water! There are tons of brands and models of water filter jugs out there, which may make it difficult to choose from the best. Hopefully, these reviews of various water filters will have helped you make a choice.

So what are you waiting for? Search for the best water filter jug for you based on these reviews! You can look for available ones in your local appliance store, or you will be able to purchase them from reputable online stores. It's definitely worth the investment and you will have a healthier body, along with your entire household.​

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Best Shower Heads in the UK 2018: Reviews, Ratings and Comparisons https://watersystemexperts.co.uk/best-shower-heads-reviews/ https://watersystemexperts.co.uk/best-shower-heads-reviews/#respond Fri, 17 Mar 2017 07:49:08 +0000 https://watersystemexperts.co.uk/?p=130 One of the best times of the day would be coming home and taking that well-deserved shower. After all, it's known to be one of the most relaxing ways to get rid of stress. You'll be squeaky clean, feeling better both physically and emotionally.  But what people don't realize is that they have more options […]

The post Best Shower Heads in the UK 2018: Reviews, Ratings and Comparisons appeared first on WaterSystemExperts.co.uk.

Fivanus Large High Pressure Rainfall Shower Head

One of the best times of the day would be coming home and taking that well-deserved shower. After all, it's known to be one of the most relaxing ways to get rid of stress. You'll be squeaky clean, feeling better both physically and emotionally.

But what people don't realize is that they have more options for shower heads than simply the usual one you have installed in your bathroom showers. There are actually many types of shower heads to choose from, with the right one depending on what you both want and need for your bathroom showers.

But the question is: What is the best shower head? There are tons of varieties and brands that offer shower heads with different features. It can be a bit confusing, especially for those who aren't very knowledgeable on it.

To help you out, we give you the ultimate guide to purchasing the best shower head.

Top 10 Best Shower Heads in the UK 2017: Comparison Table

Shower HeadImageTypeSettingsMaterialPrice
Triton 5-Position Shower HeadTriton 5-Position Shower HeadHand held5ChromeCheck Price Now!
Sunrise Metal Shower HeadSUNRISE Metal Shower Head​Victorian hand held rainfall1BrassCheck Price Now!
Victorian hand held rainfallZenfresh Filtration Shower HeadHand held rainfall1Chrome FinishCheck Price Now!
KES P150 Bathroom Single Function Handheld Shower HeadKES P150 Bathroom Single Function Round Handheld Shower HeadHand held1Stainless SteelCheck Price Now!
Mira Response Mixer Shower KitMira Response Mixer Shower KitHand held and fixed (adjustable)4Chrome FinishCheck Price Now!
Fivanus Shower HeadFivanus Large High Pressure Rainfall Shower HeadFixed Mount, rainfall1ChromeCheck Price Now!
Hapilife Shower HeadHapilife Waterfall Bathroom Tap Chrome with Handheld Shower HeadHand held, waterfall1Multiple chrome-platedCheck Price Now!
GROHE Tempesta 100 Hand ShowerGROHE Tempesta 100 Hand ShowerHand held2Chrome FinishCheck Price Now!
ARTBATH Shower HeadARTBATH Square Shower HeadSquare, rainfall1Silicone rubber, stainless steel, chrome finishCheck Price Now!
Triton 3-Position Shower HeadTriton 3-Position ShowerheadHand held3Chrome FinishCheck Price Now!

The Importance of Purchasing the Best Shower Head

Showerheads aren't the most fabulous purchases. In fact, many people disregard purchasing shower heads, opting to get whatever they first find in home depots! But did you know that the right shower head will have you reaping a ton of benefits in the long run?

Not only will they keep you squeaky clean, but they give you advantages such as:

  • Compared to using a faucet and pail, you get a greater showering experience. After all, who wants to use a pail and constantly dip in the water, wasting more along the way?
  • You'll be able to adjust the shower settings and have one that makes you comfortable and will rinse all areas around your body. You can also choose the temperature settings so you have either hot or cold water, with shower heads having sensors to avoid the discomfort and surprise of getting into a scalding hot or freezing bath.
  • You will get to save up on energy costs, as the water flows out slowly, rather than to use faucets or hard jets. Many shower heads reduce your use of water while still giving you the powerful stream you need.
  • It gives you flowing water in a soothing manner. You won't want to use a pail and be woken up with hard jets of water. With slower flowing water, you get to ease into the cold or hot temperature, ensuring a quality shower.
  • Many shower heads offer various settings according to your preference. There are also a variety of shower heads to choose from, whether you need a rain shower or hand held shower heads.
  • It's very simple to install. Anyone will be able to do it themselves, with many shower heads taking only up to an hour of your time. Once the sealant is dry and you have cleaned it out, you can use it immediately. There are shower kits available to purchase if you want the complete package, all coming with a set of instructions anyone can follow. No prior knowledge or investing on other tools are needed.
  • They are durable and will last for years to come. Plus, some come with a lifetime warranty you can take advantage of. You are also able to avail of return guarantees that can last for as long as 30 days. Almost all quality shower heads come with the great customer service you deserve.
  • You will be able to easily maintain a shower head, and they are less susceptible to damage or leaks. This, again, saves on water and saves you the disturbance of a leaky bathroom shower.

Top 10 Best Shower Heads of 2017

Based on our research and overall customer experience, here are our top 10 picks on the best shower heads in UK:

1.Triton 5-Position Shower Head

Triton 5-Position Shower Head

This hand held shower head is flat and easy to use. It’s got that premium build that looks flawless when installed on the shower. It's got a head size that can reach any area around your shower, as well as the weight to feel comfortable on your hands.

Plus, the chrome effect and white gloss finish makes for a great design that suits almost any bathroom's interior design.

In just one touch of a button, you will be able to have your preferred shower setting. it's very easy to adjust the settings and have the desired water pressure you want. You can choose between five pray patterns: Jet, Blast, Spray, Rain, or Drench.

All these promise a quality shower experience that will soothe your muscles and have you feel relaxed. It also has a descale system to reduce limescale and assure quality water anytime of the day.

It's very easy to clean and maintain, having the white spray face made of quality materials that are built to last and stay sleek. It would be able to fit into almost any shower system in the UK, and assembly time is easy.

It would take less than an hour to do it yourself, thanks to the instruction manual included in the package. It also comes with a 1-year warranty.

While people may think that all shower heads are the same, this one proves otherwise and won't disappoint.

What makes it out number 1 pick is the fact that it's got the affordable price with all the advanced features and settings that make it worth more than what you're actually paying for!

SUNRISE Metal Shower Head​

SUNRISE's shower head is of Victorian style, looking vintage but with all the advanced and modern features you need. With the sleek and classic design, it's sure to match any modern or elegant bathroom.

It gives your bathroom shower the retro and luxurious touch. This is our top pick on the best shower head for a number of reasons, with the design alone topping all!

It's made out of lead-free brass, a quality material that doesn't only look pleasing to the eyes, but will also ensure longevity. The chrome finish makes it look bright and reflective.

Not to worry, as it won't tarnish or rust over age and water residue. This Victorian shower head will surely last for years to come, ensuring quality showers in style and enjoyment.

The G1/2 connector makes it for almost any shower hose, so it is compatible and can easily be assembled. It comes with an instruction kit you can follow, or have installed by any reputable plumber. It would only take about five minutes to install it on your own!

The SUNRISE Metal shower head gives off a rainfall shower, and offers a constant flow no matter what angle, may it be downward or tilted up. The smooth and even flow gives off a relaxing sensation, hitting your nerves in all the right places. The flow is more forceful as compared to other shower heads, but will still save on water.

The packaging itself shows quality, well-protected against any shipping damage. It also comes with a 5-year warranty when bought, so you are assured repair and replacement if ever it's needed.

Zenfresh Filtration Shower Head

It's made out of the quality materials you need to avoid rust or any worry about maintaining its design. It isn't the most luxurious of designs, but it definitely stands out and will make your bathroom still look modern and sleek.

The shower head and handle has got the durable materials to easily maintain and last for years to come. It would still look stylish and give off the cool look in any bathroom. This is a great electric shower head you can take advantage of, as it has the advanced technology to give you the adjustable settings and have you save up on energy costs.

The shower head includes an economy power setting, so you are able to have a good shower while still saving on up to 35% of water. This is because of its 128 cone-shaped holes that would conserve both water and energy.

Another perk is that it has negative ion-mineralized spheres that will purify your water and improve mineral nutrient consumption. That way, your skin will be smoother, less oil secretion, and better cell viability.

This shower head is best known for its eco-saving features, as well as the fact that your skin becomes healthier with its mineralized spheres. So not only will you save up on energy or water costs and the environment, but your skin will benefit from it as well!

The package comes with a shower head and instruction manual. You'll be able to install it easily without having to invest on other additional parts. It can fit almost any shower system in the UK and can easily be assembled by yourself.

This is one of the cheap shower heads that will do the basics and a bit more than that, making it great for those who want a quality shower at an affordable price.

KES P150 Bathroom Single Function Round Handheld Shower Head

What's great about this shower head is that it is in a modern design, a nozzle head that is simple and in tube form. This goes well in bathrooms with the modern interior design you've been eyeing. It's got the minimalistic designate hat would scream simplicity in style.

It's straight design makes it save up on space and is easier to add to any bracket. Plus, taking a bath will be a breeze with a better angle.

It is made out of stainless steel, so you are assured that it would last for years to come. No need to worry about rust or any tarnishes, as the steel will make sure it's well-protected.

It has a Universal 1/2 IPS connection, so it's sure to fit most shower hoses with ease. It's also very easy to install, only taking less than an hour of your time. You can also opt to have a plumber professionally install it.

Take note that there is no hose included and that it is a single function shower head. But even then, you will be able to take advantage of the many features it has to offer, such as a rubber nozzle and anti-limescale design.

The flow has the right amount of pressure and gives you a decent spray. It minimizes the amount of water flowing out, so you won't be spraying around the shower, but it would still give the smooth flow you want.

Mira Response Mixer Shower Kit

If you are looking for one of the best showerhead kits, then this one is a great purchase for our bathroom. This shower set has a chrome finish that will be able to give your bathroom a better interior design. Plus, the material is durable and made to last for years to come. All without the risk of rust or damage from water residue.

The shower head kit itself comes with the RF9 shower head, a slide rail, a hose, and a hose retainer. The hose is at a standard size, with a nice length that isn't too short or too long for comfort and convenience.

It's complete and you'll be able to use it after cleaning and installment, provided that you wait for a few hours for the sealant to set. Assembly time is easy, with it taking less than an hour. This goes whether you are installing a new one or replacing an old shower head.

The shower head is adjustable, so you will be able to tweak its place according to your height. You can also have it tilt up and down. It makes it compatible and easy to use for anyone in the household.

No matter the adjustment, you will have a nice stream of water flowing at a right pace. It has got four settings to choose from: Start, Soothe, Force, and Eco. This is to ensure that you are saving water and energy while still giving you the quality shower experience.

Fivanus Large High Pressure Rainfall Shower Head

This is one of the best large shower heads you need if you're looking for one to fit an equally large shower, or would like a wider range of water flow. It's great for those aspire to have a rain shower installed in their bathrooms, as it gives off a constant soft flow.

It has the sleek and classic design of a large shower head, not taking up too much space, but still offers a steady flow at a wider room. It looks and performs luxuriously. It has got settings to easily adjust to according to your comfort and convenience.

The shower head itself is made out of the quality ABS materials, with stainless steel and a brushed finish. It's got the same quality grade as high-class hotels, so you are assured a shower head to last for a long time without the tarnishes or damages.

The package includes Teflon tape, mesh screen filter, and a flow restrictor. It gives off a low water pressure, saving you energy and water. But with that being aid, it would still cover a large area around your shower and give you the relaxing experience.

Installation is very easy, with you being able to do it yourself. You don't need tools, and it would take only a few minutes to assemble. It would fit any non-electric shower unit.

Maintenance is easy, as the nozzles are self-cleaning. No worries about customer satisfaction, as they provide a money back guarantee.

Hapilife Waterfall Bathroom Tap Chrome with Handheld Shower Head

What's great about this handheld shower head is the fact that it also comes with the tap faucet, making it a complete shower system for your bathroom. This saves you money in the long run.

The faucet and shower head is made out of solid brass and finished with chrome, making it less susceptible to rust or any discoloration. It will give off that bright and clear reflection for life.

The design itself gives off a luxurious feel, with it matching any type of bathroom shower.

You are assured the best performance, with the faucet and shower head offering drip-free design and smooth water adjustment. You can choose between 10 water pressures, according to your comfort.

The shower head is wall-mounted and is very easy to use, with it being able to reach any part around your shower or bathtub. It gives off a shower rain type of water flow, making it soothing and as if you were getting a massage.

You receive a complete package, coming with all the parts you need for easy assembly. You will be able to install this yourself within an hour. It includes the instruction manual and the UK standard fittings, so you are assured that it would fit almost any shower system around UK.

It comes with a warranty period of up to 10 years, as well as a 30-day return policy. You aren't only given a quality shower head, but the professional customer service you deserve.

GROHE Tempesta 100 Hand Shower

This is one of the showerhead kits that offer a lot more than the usual. It's got adjustable settings and numerous features to take advantage of as compared to other showerhead kits available.

This is a handheld shower head that includes 2 spray patterns, so you are able to choose one you prefer for a good bath. It has an anti-scale device that will help prevent limescale and give you the quality water to clean yourself up with.

You can even choose a "Dream spray pattern" which offers one of the most relaxing sensations while taking a long shower. This is great when bathing children or pets as well, since they are not able to adjust settings as easily.

The design is stylish, giving off class and luxury to any bathroom. Its made out of the quality materials to prevent it from damage. Many people have raved about it lasting for years!

It has the chrome coating protected by a water guide, as well as a shockproof silicone ring to prevent damage on the shower head itself. It's easy to clean and maintain with its coating, so no need to worry about hefty maintenance.

It comes with a 5-year warranty, so you are assured replacement and a guarantee if ever it's needed.

ARTBATH Square Shower Head

What most people don't know is that not all shower heads are circular. You will also get to purchase square shower heads to make your bathroom look more unique and still give off a modern design.

The ARTBATH square shower head gives off a luxurious style that will make it easier to cover a wider range of your shower without wasting too much water or energy. You can choose between square sizes, depending on the size of your bathroom and how you want it.

The shower head is made out of stainless steel and with a chrome finish to avoid any rust or discoloration, no matter what you do or how long you use it for.

You avoid leaks, rust, and damage from high water temperatures. Plus, its got the good sealing to match. Its also known as one of the thinnest shower heads to save on space and have it look great, with it only measuring 2mm in width.

What's great about this large square shower head is that despite its size, it will still have you save as much as 20% of water, compared to the traditional shower head. It has the perfect amount of pressure while still known as a low pressure shower head.

It comes in a complete package for you to be able to assemble it immediately. It's wall or ceiling mounted, and you can have it ready for use within minutes, thanks to the easy-to-read instruction manual. It comes with a 10-year manufacturer's warranty for customer satisfaction.

Triton 3-Position Showerhead

Triton isn't only known for its affordable electric shower heads, but also for its sleek design that can turn any bathroom into the classy and luxurious design you've always wanted for your bathroom. It can turn any bathroom's interior design into a much sleeker and modern one.

The shower head comes with 3-patterns to easily adjust the settings according to your preference. This is to ensure comfort and to save water along the way. Also, you will be able to start the morning right and have a smooth flow of water without hassle.

The shiny gloss of the power system makes it discreet and beautiful, making it look calm to complement dark shades, or to enhance the colored design of your bathroom.

The shower head itself has a good amount of water pressure while still saving on both energy and water. Take note that it only produces cold water. But even then, it would give you that good jolt to wake you up, or have you cool down after an intense day from the gym or work.

Another perk is that it has self-cleaning nozzles, making it easy to maintain and free from limescale buildup.

Assembly is easy, only taking about an hour or less to have it set up and ready to use once the sealant sets. It comes with an instruction manual to easily install it yourself.

The electric shower head also has a 2 year manufacturer's warranty to build customer satisfaction and have your shower head last for years to come.

The Different Types of Shower Heads in UK

There are different types of shower heads to choose from. To help you out, here are all of the kinds of shower heads, their uses, and our top picks on each of them:

1. Rain Shower

S R SUNRISE SUN0801 Extra Large 8 Inch Shower Head

A rain shower head is usually mourned to the ceiling, where just like the name implies, you will be able to have a shower that feels as if natural rain was pouring down on you.

The body of a rain shower head would have an abundance of holes in the form of circular disks to imitate a rain shower. A rain shower system would give off a rain shower feel, but in such a way that is soft and soothing, not the usual thunderstorm that feels prickly on your back!

A rain shower is very beneficial to those who would want a relaxing time while bathing, as it gives off a soft and relaxing flow of water. Because of its size, it would also be able to cover a wider range of shower room, making it easier to wash up. They also have different settings to choose from, depending on the amount of pressure you prefer when showering.

If you're looking for a great rain shower head, then the SUNRISE SUN0801 shower head  will make a great choice. Its 8-inch high pressure shower will have you feel relaxed as you enjoy the drizzling sensation. Its got the ultra thin stainless steel body and chrome finish to last for years to come.

Plus, it's got anti-scale nozzles and a swivel ball to adjust the angle of the shower head, making it convenient and more comfortable. It also comes with an instruction manual for easy assembly on your own, and a five year warranty.

2. LED Shower

PYRUS Shower Head LED

A LED shower can come in many forms. Many types of shower heads offer the LED lighting. What makes it unique is that it has got the attractive design you need to light up your bathrooms in style. Not only does it look techy, but anyone using it will have an amusing time.

Plus, it lights up your shower well, making sure you can see properly and shower with ease. Your kids will surely love it and be more encouraged to take a shower. It also makes for a great ambiance, whether you're showering yourself, or someone else in the household.

They'll definitely be amused with the lights that come out. Not to worry about the energy costs, as many of these LED showers don't use bateries or electricity, only the water pressure.

LED showers make it easier for you to detect your temperature settings as well. It comes with sensors that will light up in different colors, showing you if the water is cold or hot. This saves you from a lot of uncomfortable situations where you get in a shower that is either too hot or too cold!

A great LED shower would be the PYRUS LED shower head, which comes with 3 colors. It's a rain shower head that not only provides the soothing sensation of rainfall, but will also have you easily detecting the temperature of your water based on the LED lighting installed on the shower. You won't need any battery, it just lights up when wear starts and will turn off automatically right after. It is made out of the environment-friendly materials that are deemed safe and will last for years to come. It's also very easy to assemble, taking only minutes and without the need of any other tools or extra accessories.

3. Fixed Shower Head

Triton 5-Position Shower Head

A fixed shower head is one that is wall or ceiling mounted, permanently installed in your shower. It doesn't move and is fixed until such time you replace it with another shower head. This is beneficial for those who want a shower that looks neat and uncluttered.

It is also called a traditional shower head, where it gives constant flow in adjustable settings. The downfall may be the fact that it won't be able to give off hot water as quickly as compared to the electric shower head.

But, it is easier to assemble and you won't need to worry about electrical wires or whatnot. This is great for those who want simplicity and an affordable shower head with no frills, just doing the basic job of rinsing yourself efficiently and with comfort.

It may seem a bit disadvantageous for those who want a free hand held shower head, but you will be able to get a fixed shower head that can cover all areas of your shower. All this while giving you the soothing pressure you need. If you would still want a hand held, you can opt for both and purchase a dual shower as well.

The Triton 5-Position Shower Head can act as both a fixed and hand shower head. But, a fixed shower head makes your shower look clean and modern without the frills, still making it a choice for many.

The KES J333 fixed mount shower head is a good choice, as it provides the sleek design you would want from a shower head. Its got five spray patterns to choose from, offering comfort and convenience. It also has a swivel ball so you will still be able to adjust the angle that suits your preference.

What's awesome is that you can adjust the settings with just a swipe of a finger. You are also assured clean and soft water with its anti-scale rubber nozzles. Assembly time is very easy, with it taking about less than an hour even if you do it yourself. It comes with a 15-day return guarantee for customer satisfaction.

4. Square Shower Head

Hiendure Wall Mount 8 inch Rainfall Square Shower Head

Yes, square shower heads do exist! You may think it amusing to own such a shower head, but a square shower head actually holds a ton of advantages you will be able to reap.

For starters, you will be able to have more water flow, with the square shower head reaching a wider area as compared to circular or the usual shower head.

A square shower head also has the modern and sleek design you will appreciate, with you being able to make your bathroom look luxurious and unique. You can opt to have a ceiling or wall mounted shower head, or you can find hand held square shower heads as well.

They product more water at an even pressure that won't have you wasting too much water, thus saving up on energy and water costs.

If you are looking for a great square shower head to purchase, then the Hiendure Wall Mount Square Shower Head is a great choice. It is a wall mounted 8-inch square that has the modern and sleek design that would up the style of your bathroom shower. It's made out of quality stainless steel, and there are no plastic parts so you are ensured quality material that will last for years to come.

It's known as the hotel-quality shower head that will give a nice, rainfall sensation while you shower. It's easy to install, but doesn't come with instructions, so it's best to either hire a plumber or search for tutorials online.

5. Large Shower Heads

KES J201 Extra Large 8 Inch Drenching Rain Fall Shower Head

Big shower heads are very popular for many, especially with those who want a wider range of water flowing from their shower. It's best for those with bigger bathrooms or showers, so they will feel comfortable without the dry areas.

Large shower heads come in the form of rain showers, and it's one that people prefer because of the soothing feeling that will have them relaxed. Plus, many large shower heads today use advanced technology to give you a nice water pressure without wasting too much energy or water.

In the end, you get to save up on water and energy costs.

There are many types of big shower heads to choose from, whether you want a handheld one, or one mounted to the ceiling or wall.

A great large shower head would be the KES J201 extra large rainfall shower head. This is because it has got the beautiful circular design that has your bathroom luxurious and beautiful. It gives off a highly reflective and cool look, while making a bright ambiance around your shower.

It's made out of a large panel of 8-inches, coming with a swivel ball for you to adjust the angle of your shower head easily. It has the InstantClean Technology to easily adjust the settings. All you need to do is swipe your finger. Installation process is easy, taking about 10 minutes without the need for extra tools or accessories.

Plus, it comes with a 15-day return guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product.

6. Dual Shower Head

ESK Round Shower Bar

A double shower does not only mean both a bathtub and shower, but it can also mean two shower heads. How does that work? A dual shower head is one wall or ceiling mounted shower to be paired with one hand held shower.

Most people would invest on this to have a variety of choices, from what type of shower head they would want to use down to the water pressure they prefer. It works, because you are able to take advantage of the fixed shower head, while you can reach other parts of your body and shower area with the hand held one at the same time.

Not to worry about the hassle of installation and assembly, as it is similar to installing any shower head. It's easy, and will have you get the quality shower you need in a matter of minutes.

A great double shower head to invest on would be the ESK Round Shower Bar. This dual shower comes with a wall-mounted circular shower head and a bar valve. The design makes it look neat and modern, made of the quality solid brass to reduce chances of discoloration or rust. It comes with everything you need for installation and to begin enjoying the shower.

You receive the over head shower, the hand set, and the shower hose. You won't need any other tools to install it. It's compatible for any concealed or exposed shower valve, making it a great choice for many.

7. Shower Tower

Shower Panel Column Tower with Massage Jets Kit Shower System

A shower tower is also called as a shower panel. They are meant to help secure the shower head to the wall, making sure that the interiors and water pipes are well-hidden to enhance the appearance of any shower.

They were first built without any advanced features, but as technology advances, you are able to find a shower tower that complements any type of shower head to help enhance both look and usage of your shower. Many come with a sleek and modern design, with some coming with LED lights, more adjustable settings, and even radios.

What's great about investing in a shower tower would be their style and ease of use. You will be able to have all features of a shower head rolled into one shower tower that does the job efficiently. You get to save a lot of money and space because of this.

A good shower tower to invest in would be DEUBA GmbH & Co. KG's shower panel column tower. This is because of the abundance of features and settings you can get with just one panel. It comes with a dual shower so you can wash every part of your body properly. It also comes with massage spray jets for comfort and a relaxing feel as you take a bath.

While the handheld shower head has 45 nozzles, the flexible rain shower head has 144 nozzles and 6 massage jets! The sleek black gloss of the shower tower is also a huge plus.

8. Eco Shower Head

ANCHEER AN SH002 4 Rainfall Shower Head

The main benefit of an eco shower head would be the fact that it helps save the environment through saving water. With advanced technology, water volume is restricted to reduce the wastage of it.

But, it will still provide a proper amount of water flow for you to have the enjoyable showering experience you want.

It doesn't only help the environment, but it will also be able to help you save up on energy and water costs, making it a great investment for our home. You get to reduce water usage to as much as half of what you usually use, making it a huge money saver.

But take note that it may not be suitable for those who own an electric shower or showers with low water pressures, as it may either damage the shower, or only very little water will come out.

One of the popular choices for an eco shower head would be the Ancheer AN-SH002 handheld water saving shower combo . It's a very affordable eco shower head that gives you a fast and smooth water flow, all the while saving water. It's eco-friendly and budget friendly, doing the basic job on keeping your body clean and giving you a great showering experience.

It offers a spa experience with is high-pressure and spray jets. You also get to choose between four different modes based on what you prefer. You have rain mode, super turbo, a combination of rain and turbo, and tender rain for that soothing shower.

9. Power Shower Head

HOMEWELL High Pressure Handheld Shower Head Set Suit with Powerful Shower Spray

A powerful shower head is one that gives off a nice stream of water at better power as compared to other "normal" shower heads you would usually see.

They give off the soft shower spray you need, or the shower jets to soothe sore muscles and wake you up for the morning to come. It's easily adjustable and will give you the best amount of pressure you need for ultimate comfort and relaxation.

You may be surprised to know that a power shower head will actually have you saving more water. This is because you will be rinsing yourself without needing much time under the shower.

You'll be able to quickly rinse out shampoo residue or soap from you body because of the high power, thus saving up on energy and water costs. It would even be better when you choose one of lesser volume or pressure when using it.

You will also have a nice massage therapy because of the high pressure spray jets. It's also very easy to adjust the settings, with a power shower head coming with many types of settings depending on the brand you will be purchasing.

A good power shower head would be the Homewell High Pressure Handheld Shower Head. This is because it has the powerful spray against a low pressure water pipe. It helps relieve muscle pain because of its powerful spray shower spray.

You can also choose from other functions, depending on what you need. It has a simple stainless steel design you will be able to appreciate and will last for years of use.

Assembly time takes a pinch, without needing any extra accessories or materials. It already includes the stainless steel hose, an instruction manual, and Teflon tape needed to set it up.

10. Ceiling Shower Head

Large 8 Inch Rain Style Shower Head Chrome Finish with Swivel Ball

A ceiling shower head is one that is mounted to the top of your shower, usually giving off rainfall sensations. What makes a ceiling shower great is the fact that you are able to save up on space when it is mounted to the ceiling.

If you get one of a good size, then it will cover your whole shower with ease, leaving no dry area and rinsing you with ease. Also, the feeling of rainfall around your body is just therapeutical. You won't need to keep adjusting the nozzle, as the ceiling shower head will be able to hit your body with the right amount of pressure and leaving no body part dry.

No need to adjust your body's position or constantly move the shower head!

You can also call this an overhead shower head, which hangs above your head. You must take account your height when installing it though, as you wouldn't want to end up hitting your head every time you go into the shower.

But not to worry, as the right overhead shower head will be adjustable according to your preference.

If you are looking for a good ceiling mounted shower head, then DirectStoreUK's Rain Style Shower Head is for you. If you're one who wants a ceiling shower head that is also adjustable, then you can take advantage of the swivel ball connection that can be adjusted to any angle. Its got an 8-inch diameter head, perfect and large enough to cover all areas of a normal shower.

Not a fan of ceiling mounted shower heads? Then this is still a great pick for those who want it wall mounted. Its made out of high quality ABS plastic for durably and a longer lifespan. Plus, the chrome plated finish makes the whole design look sleek and new for years to come.

11. Waterfall Shower Head

Anself 8 inch Square 7 Colors Changing LED Shower Head Sprinkler

A waterfall shower head is similar to rainfall, with a higher pressure that will let the water flow as if you were under the waterfalls. Not only does the natural sensation make you feel at ease, but you'll also love the soft feel.

It's soothing and relaxing, rinsing your body at a right pressure. It's perfect for those who come home after intense days from work or school. The body consists of tinier holes to imitate rainfall and light showers, making it a great therapeutic session to enjoy. Plus, you'll be squeaky clean right after.

A waterfall shower head has a ton of features you can take advantage of. They can either be wall-mounted or handheld, with some being combined with LED lighting for that nice glow and temperature sensor. It will even have you saving water if you choose the right brand, as some offer low-pressure waterfall shower heads as well.

Anself shower head sprinkler gives you a mix of both waterfall and LED shower head It gives off a whopping 7 colors to make it look fantastic as you shower. The light is activated by the water pressure and switches off once the water is gone.

You have a beautiful waterfall sensation with an equally beautiful light flowing down. It gives the ultimate luxurious shower experience. Plus, your kids will love the changing colors and how the water feels against their skin. It fits all standard connectors and is easy to install. No need for batteries or wires!

12. Water Saving Shower Head

Auralum Square ABS Bathroom Water Saving Handheld Shower Head

A water efficient shower head will have you benefit in so many obvious ways. A water saving shower head will reduce the volume of water coming out of the shower. This in turn would help you save up on energy and water costs.

You end up saving a bundle because of this. Not only that, but many areas around the UK encourage homeowners and business owners alike to invest on a water efficient shower head to help reduce wastage of water around the country.

This helps save the environment but still give you the amount of pressure and water to properly rinse yourself up. Plus, it still gives off a good massaging sensation. A water saving shower head has the similar features and adjustable settings to any good shower head, but will lessen the water in order to have you save both your energy costs and the environment.

A good water efficient shower head would be the Auralum Square ABS Bathroom Water Saving Handheld Shower Head. The body has a square shape, making it better at hitting all the right places without leaving any dry area around your body or shower.

It is made out of the quality and durable ABS material with a sturdy chrome plating, so you have a sleek and modern design that will stay looking new for years to come. It's very easy to install and will only take a few minutes, with anyone being able to install it without hassle.

13. High Pressure Shower Head

Joyoldelf 30 Water Saving 300 Holes Bathroom Handheld Shower Head

This is similar to the power shower head, giving off a better pressure of water as compared to the usual shower heads sold anywhere. A high pressure shower head would give a better shower experience, as you are able to feel the quality rinse you want, and you will also be spending less time in the shower, as it is much more faster to rinse with high pressure.

You are able to adjust the flow of water with ease, saving up on water and energy costs in the long run.

The high pressure is a form of massage therapy to anyone, helping to relieve sore muscles and take away any stress from the daily grind. Plus, you can find a variety of shower heads that give off high pressures and extra features to take advantage of.

A good high pressure shower head would be the Joyodelf water saving hand held shower head. Not only does this give off a very high pressure of water from its 300 holes, but it can also help you save up on water as well! It's got the LUV water saving technology that can save up to 30% of water as compared to the usual shower head.

It's got a simple and durable design that still looks sleep and modern, making your bathroom look classy at an affordable price. Plus, it requires no plumbing experience. You can easily do it yourself and be assured of a leak free shower system with a great flow of water.

14. Hand Shower

Grohe Tempesta 100 Hand shower

A shower handset is mourned to your wall but detachable, with a hose connecting to it so you will be able to reach more places around your body and the shower area.

It's very beneficial as you get to hit spots around your body that no wall or ceiling mounted head shower can. It is flexible and versatile. You can use it either as a handheld head shower, or you can leave it mounted to its place when using it.

It's also an easier way to conserve energy, as you are able to rinse faster and more efficiently.

Another perk is the fact that you will be able to wash off your shower's walls easily with a hand shower. With a hose at a right length and detachable hand held shower head, you can take it out of the wall and wash off soap scum and mildew out of your walls and have it clean.

Basically, the adjustable shower head will have it easier to clean everything, from your body down to the shower itself.

One of the best hand shower heads would be the GROHE Tempesta 100 Hand Shower. It's got two spray patterns to choose from, depending on your preference. It does the basic job in rinsing your body and the walls off the soap scum that comes after bathing. It's also very easy to clean and maintain, made out of the quality material to last for years to come.

It also has an anti-scale technology added to it, so you won't need to worry about limescale or hard water going into your showers anymore. It's known for a good rain spray to soothe your skin. And with it being an adjustable shower head, you will be able to adjust the settings and the angle according to your preference and comfort.

It makes for a great shower head that does the simple job of keeping you clean but with all the features you need at an affordable price. If you want another great choice, then the Triton 5-Position Shower Head is another to consider.

15. Victorian Shower Head

S R SUNRISE Metal Shower Head Antique Victorian Style Handheld Shower Head

A Victorian shower head shows all form of class and luxury. It gives off a retro and vintage vibe but still holds the advanced technology you need for the relaxing bath you deserve.

You can find beauty in a Victorian shower head in its design alone! Plus, with a circular body and long hose, you will be able to handle it with ease and comfort. Another plus would be the fact that many of these shower heads have the adjustable settings you need for that comfortable shower.

Many are affordable as well, so you get a well-designed shower head with all the features for that ultimate shower experience.

The best Victorian shower head we can recommend would definitely be one our top picks, the SUNRISE Metal Shower Head. It's got the well-bodied design that will leave anyone impressed. It puts the classic piece to any modern bathroom, matching all interior designs. Plus, it is also compatible with almost any shower hose in the UK.

It gives off a nice rainfall sensation and gives off constant flow no matter what angle you use it in. The best part is that you can install it in a matter of minutes.

16. Electric Shower Head

Arian EcoSpa Natural 6 Mode Shower Head Handset

An electric shower head will always ensure that you have a constant flow of water in any temperature or setting. It will always give off hot aater anytime you want, making your shower a relaxing and soothing one.

So if you want a hot shower after a cold day or simply want to let those sore muscles rest, then and electric shower head will have what you need. No need to force yourself awake with uncomfortable freezing water!

No matter where you are in the UK and how cold it gets, you will forever have constant flow of hot water, provided that you have the electricity to do so. It saves on your heating bill as well.

It's affordable and will have you save up in the long run, plus comes with advanced features that anyone would take advantage of. It's best for those who want more than the basic at reasonable prices.

But there are a ton of things to consider when getting an electric shower head. You will need to research for one that is suitable to your shower system, as well as the electric current it needs.

There is also risk of bring burned from the hot water, or electrocution if you do not set it up properly. That's hwy you must take care when assembling your electric shower head to avoid accidents.

A nice electric shower head would be the Arian EcoSpa Natural Shower Head. It's known for its therapeutic feel, with six settings to choose from. It gives off a strong water pressure and the settings are easy to adjust. It's also very easy to clean, with a simple designed faceplate and body.

Assembly requires no tools or prior knowledge whatsoever. It is compatible with all ½" standard hoses, making it easy to assemble and suitable for just about any office or household. All you need to do is to follow the instructions and you'll have the quality shower head with all the modes you need for your ultimate shower experience.

You've also got a 3-year guarantee at an affordable price, making it a top choice for those who want cheap shower heads while saving up.

17. Showerhead With Hose

KES LP500 Bathroom FIVE Function Handheld Shower Head

When looking for a shower head, it's best to look for one that comes with a complete package. With a shower head with hose, you are able to easily assemble it and take advantage of the hand held shower head you can use around the whole shower area.

It's best to find a hose that is long enough to cover the whole area of the shower, but not too long for it to tangle up. Plus, it comes at affordable prices while giving you the complete package you need. A long hose is important, but so will the quality. Make sure that the shower head with hose you choose can easily let water flow without the need to adjust or break.

The KES LP500 shower head is one of our recommended ones if you're looking for quality and advanced features. This shower head comes with the extra long hose for you to be able to use it with ease. The length is a whopping 79 inches, which is long enough for any shower.

It can reach any area around your shower, no matter how big it is. It will make it easier for you not only to clean your body, but to clean the walls surrounding the shower. It keeps your shower clean and away from mildew or soap scum.

The shower head itself has five therapeutic functions to help you relax, getting you the quality showering experience you deserve. It also comes with a bracket holder, so you can use it as both a hand held shower head or have it mounted on the wall or ceiling.

18. Brass Shower Head or Gold Shower Head

S R SUNRISE Traditional Telephone Shaped High Pressure Brass Shower Head

You will want elegance in all aspects of your home. This would also call for investing on the right shower head made of the beautiful and strong material. You can get a brass or gold shower head to up the luxury level of your bathroom!

What's great about a brass shower head is the fact that it is very strong and durable, able to withstand almost anything. They are very easy to maintain as well. You won't need to worry about discolorations or rust from any water residue, as it will last for years to come.

Plus, the reflective design offers that sleek and elegant design anyone would appreciate. A gold shower head is also great because, let's face it, who DOESN'T want a gold plated shower head to give them the ultimate showering experience?

Not only is gold a very luxurious material, it's also very durable as well, just like a brass shower head. These go great on a Victorian shower head that shows class and elegance. Your bathroom and shower will look very exquisite, especially when under good lighting.

A nice brass shower head would be the SUNRISE Brass Golden Shower Head. Its body is a telephone design, which makes it classic and looking sleek when installed in your bathroom. The difference is the brass and golden body that ensures a longer life span and better maintenance than most shower heads.

Plus, the reflective design it gives when under the right lighting is exquisite.

Not only does it give you a beautiful and sleek bathroom design, but it will also have you take advantage of the nice shower. It only has one setting, but that one setting will ensure you a comfortable shower that matches its luxurious design.

While it looks classic and vintage, its features are advanced. It can fit almost any shower system in the UK, and it's very easy to assemble. No need to use any tools and anyone can install it on their own. It has simple instructions that can have you finished with installment in less than an hour.

19. Low Water Pressure Shower Head

New Water Saving Bath Shower Head

A showerhead for low water pressure is very helpful for those who ware trying to save up! Not only does this help save the environment, but it also helps you save on the energy and water bills. All this while still giving you the appropriate amount of water to both properly cleanse yourself and give you a relaxing shower experience.

With a low flow shower head, you have the comfort you need from the soft sensation. Many areas around the UK have laws regarding this, with local governments encouraging people to install a low water pressure shower head for you to save water and lessen the wastage of it.

But, you won't need to worry about the low pressure not giving you enough water. With advanced technology, you are now able to save up on water but still have a strong and constant flow you would expect from the best shower head.

The best shower head that provides a good flow of water but with low pressure would be the Micro Trader New Water-Saving Bath Shower Head. For starters, it has a sleek, modern design. You don't see the usual circular holes, but a square body with 300 pinhole jets to save on water but give low pressure at the same time.

It gives a soothing bath experience and is very affordable. It's very easy to install, with you only needing the shower head and tools you can find at home. We would recommend this for people who are eco-friendly but still want a good amount of pressure while saving on both money and water bills.

And these are just some of the specific shower heads you can choose from. It's best to look for one that you think suits your household and area.

How We Chose the Best Shower Heads and How to Purchase the One For You

Like we mentioned, there are various types of shower heads that vary from brands to features. While it may be tempting to get the first one you see and be done with it, it's best to do your research.

If you're wondering how we ranked the best shower head reviews, here is how we did it and how you can base your search yourself:

- Features

What do you want and need in a shower head? Consider the many types available. Not to worry, as we tackle all that here and give you recommendations to help you out. Look for ones that will have you enjoying and saving up on water.

A good example would be the Triton 5-Position Shower Head, which has all the features and the design you can take advantage of.

- Design

What is your height? Do you need one that is handheld, or a fixed shower head? How long should the shower arm be? Check the water pressure in your home and make sure that the design matches your home's bathroom shower.

Consider the material as well, making sure that it is made out of the strong and durable stuff built to last. Of course, you may want to consider the overall style of the shower head. This is especially if you have an interior design in your bathroom you'd like to match it with.

- Ease of Installation and Use

It's best to look for shower heads that are easy to install. This is to save up on the plumber's fee, and to make it easier for you to focus on other aspects of your home right after. Of course, you will want something easy to use in order for everyone to enjoy the features and adjustable settings.

- Maintenance

We look for a shower handset that is easy to clean and maintain. This is so the customer won't have a hard time, nor will they need to keep replacing or repairing it. This is where we check on material as well, ensuring that it is made of the proper material built to last and won't need much cleaning.

Fortunately, many nozzles today are self-cleaning and will have you saving time and effort.

- Company Reputation

The companies and product brands we chose are popular and known for their quality shower heads. We try to make sure that the shower systems they offer are top class that fit our standards.

- Overall Customer Feedback

This is very important, as you may end up experiencing similar things as other customers have. While many have different opinions and reviews, we look through the best and create an average, basing our choices on the highest number of positive feedback.

You can search for customer reviews on the best shower head through websites, or from recommendations made by loved ones and trusted salesmen in your local mall.

- Price

We make sure that we look for cheap shower heads that still give you the quality shower you need. We try our best to look for shower head kits based on the average budget of those purchasing shower heads in UK.

This is to ensure that you are not overspending on a shower set, nor are you purchasing a cheaply made one that isn't worth it.

- Rules on GPM and Eco-Friendly Shower Systems

With water becoming a scarce resource, there are a few rules to consider. There are places around UK that disallow shower heads with flow levels over 2.0 GPM. This is to avoid wasting too much water and to reduce energy costs, saving the environment as well.

Fortunately, manufacturers are now using advanced technologies to help save water but give you the quality shower you need. In the end, you and the environment will be able to benefit from it.

These are a few things to consider when getting shower heads in UK. It all boils down to doing your research beforehand. It will take a bit of time, but it's worth it, especially if you want that quality shower!

What to Expect When Purchasing Shower Heads​

After purchasing your chased shower head, you will need to make sure that it matches your shower and pipes, making it easier to install.

Before doing so, make sure that you clean the shower head before and after installment to make clean up easier and for you to use immediately.

You can install the shower system yourself with the help of an instruction kit, or you'll also find plumbers with affordable rates you can hire. If you choose to do it on your own, make sure that you have all the tools you need with you to avoid hassle, and to let the work be continuous and done in no time.

Many of these shower heads require top knowledge on shower heads and plumbing. The Triton 5-Position Shower Head takes only a few minutes to install and can be used once the sealant sets! That's how quickly many shower heads can be installed.

After installment, you will now be able to hook it up to your water's pipes and start using it for that great showering experience you've always wanted.

In Conclusion

Taking showers does not stop from the temperature of your water! It's best to take account of the different accessories, such as the shower head. You should not overlook purchasing these!

It's best to look for the one suitable to our wants and needs in order for you to get the quality shower you deserve. You'll be able to choose from hundreds of brands and models out there, so it's best to do your research.

It's also best to learn more about water softeners to further improve the quality of your water and shower. You can learn more about water softeners and filters here!

Hopefully, our guide to purchasing the best shower head, as well as our comprehensive reviews, will have helped you make the right choice and purchase the shower heads suitable to your wants and needs.

You'll be able to purchase any of these shower heads from reputable online shops or in local home depots near you. So what are you waiting for? Invest on the best shower heat today to get that relaxing shower you've always wanted!

You can start your search with our top pick, the Triton 5-Position Shower Head, and start your way through there.

Did you enjoy the article or have anything to say when it comes to purchasing the best shower head? Then comment down below!

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Harvey’s Water Softener Reviews with Price – Is it the Best in the UK? https://watersystemexperts.co.uk/harveys-water-softener-reviews-with-price-is-it-the-best-in-the-uk/ https://watersystemexperts.co.uk/harveys-water-softener-reviews-with-price-is-it-the-best-in-the-uk/#respond Wed, 05 Oct 2016 04:19:52 +0000 https://watersystemexperts.co.uk/?p=91 When it comes to water, you will obviously want to have the best quality! There are different types of water you are able to consume or use for cleaning, and it all depends on its texture and the way it was cleaned. The two main types of water would be hard and soft water. The […]

The post Harvey’s Water Softener Reviews with Price – Is it the Best in the UK? appeared first on WaterSystemExperts.co.uk.

When it comes to water, you will obviously want to have the best quality! There are different types of water you are able to consume or use for cleaning, and it all depends on its texture and the way it was cleaned. The two main types of water would be hard and soft water. The latter is usually preferred by most people because of how easy it is to clean with it. It is also healthy to drink, as well as it having more flavor and less of a rusty taste from the minerals found in hard water. There are water softeners available to purchase if you would want to make sure that your water is soft, filtered and safe for cleaning and consumption. But which one's the best? In this article, we review Harvey's Water Softener and if it truly is worth the price.


What Are Water Softeners and Why Are They Important?

Do you feel like your household has hard water? There will be certain households and water systems that produce hard water, and it can be a hassle, especially when it comes to cleaning. That is why there are manufacturers that create water softeners in order to not only filter water and make it clean, but to make it softer as well and safe to use it for consumption and cleaning purposes.

Water softeners are very important in a household as it not only ensures good water to use for cleaning, but also water you are able to consume with safety, being assured that what you and your family are consuming is clean and free from bacteria. Using advanced technology, these machines help filter water in a way that make it softer and have you reap the benefits of using soft instead of hard water.

There are many different types of water softeners according to models and features, but which one is the best? That is why we reviewed Harvey's Crown water softener to help you make a good choice and to see if the product is right for you.

Harvey's Crown Water Softener Reviewed

Harvey's Crown

About Harvey

Harvey's is known for their line of water softeners that have expanded and improved throughout the years. They have been UK's number 1 seller and manufacturer of water softeners, starting their line of the products 35 years ago. It was founded by Harvey Bowden in 1977, finding ways on how to convince people and assure them that water softeners are important and it is completely okay to install them despite drilling holes into a household's pipelines in order to install them. Since their humble beginnings, they have created a line of water softeners made for any business or household. They have now grown to manufacture their products around Europe and UK, covering England and having a goal of softening water all throughout the continent. They promise quality with the best prices, meaning they do their best to provide the water softeners you need at affordable prices, making it perfect for anyone who is on a budget.

Crown by Harvey's Water Softener is sweeping across the continent, with a number of people around Europe ordering it for their needs. It has tons of features you are able to reap, but what exactly are they, and is it made for you? Let's find out!

Design and Appearance

When you receive the water softener, you will be surprised to see at how small it is. It's a compact device that comes with twin tanks. Its exact measurements are 46 x 21.2 x 49 cm. Pretty small for a device designed to soften water for your whole household, but it actually does the job quite nicely. It is lightweight and easy to transport anywhere in order to place it at a strategic place in the kitchen or around the house. You can add it under your kitchen counters for easy access when needed, and so it won't be a bother or a waste of space if set outside the kitchen or anywhere else. Plus, it's small enough to fit any nook and cranny! You can also install it anywhere you want besides the kitchen counters. Some people often install it on their garage or outside wall to reduce wasting space inside their home.

It has a simple design that is all-white in color, making it simple and matching any interior design. It has twin tanks for easy and efficient water softening, and it has a style that is easy to use and clean.

Features of Harvey's Crown Water Softener

The Harvey's water softener comes with a lot of features you are able to take advantage of in such a compact machine!

What's great about it is the fact that it relies solely on water pressure for it to run. This means you won't need to use electricity, and that you'll save up on your next electricity bills while still getting the soft water you need. It uses salt blocks to filter your water, which is better than the usual filters, as you won't need to deal with heavier bags and constantly replacing them from time to time. All you need is a block of salt (per person) for a month, which is also cost effective. And because of the small size salt blocks have, you can save up on more space. You would be able to know if it needs more salt, as it has an indicator that gives off a red line if ever it is low on salt blocks and it needs replacement.

With twin tanks, you are able to have access to soft water no matter what time of the day and how much you need it. While a single tank can only filter a certain amount of water, twin tanks can work throughout the night and give you all the soft water you want with efficiency and without fail. They also reduce limescale. Basically, you have a water softener that is available anytime of the day (or night), something that can reduce limescale and soften water, and it's easy to refill and safe to drink, reaping all the benefits soft water has. They are also very durable, lasting for years no matter how long you use it for.

Package and Inclusions of a Harvey Water Softener

The awesome part about the Harvey water softener is the fact that you are able to get a complete package and a few freebies. You don't only get the water softener itself, but all the parts you need for easy installation, as well as the manual and instruction kit in order to install the whole system. It also comes with free salt blocks to immediately begin filtering and softening your water after installation.

Upon Installation

Like mentioned, installation is smple when you purchase it with the full installation kit. Some people do it themselves (only if they are familiar with water systems and mechanical aspects), while there are others who also hire plumbers. Harvey has their own line of installers who are able to do the job in affordable prices as well, as long as you are within the areas they cover. It is recommended to hire a plumber or professional to do the job in order to avoid your water system from breaking if done wrong yourself, especially if you're one who doesn't know how to do it in the first place. If not, there are videos online that can help you, or you can ask a family member familiar with water systems and mechanical skills or help.

Its internal unit can be turned for easy installation depending on your water pipes and system. It can be installed anywhere with ease! Like mentioned, it can be for garages, under kitchen sinks, off the wall outside your home, wherever you would like to put it that is strategic and placed near your water systems.

Maintenance and Cleaning

The Harvey water softener is compact and at a small size as compared to other water softeners, so that makes it very easy to maintain and clean. You can take care of it easily so long as you keep it away from anything that may damage it, and that you use it with care. They are durable and known to last for years. And because of its size, you won't have trouble cleaning it. It was designed for easy maintenance and cleaning, making it an easier job for you!

Harvey's Water Softener Price

Finally, the price. This is important to consider as you would not want to be overspending on a water softener with too much features you won't use, nor would you want one that is cheap but won't do the job. The Harvey Water Softener price ranges from £800 to £900, depending if you get the full package with freebies or not. This is actually a great price as compared to other water softeners, which go higher than the £1,000 range. It does the job well and is actually a great investment which has you save more. Because it doesn't use electricity, you will save on electricity bills, as well as your filter purchases since salt blocks are affordable and much easier to use for filtering water. You definitely save a lot and still get the quality soft water you need, plus more benefits in a small device that can do a lot of more expensive water softeners can't. In their official website, Harvey states that you are able to save up to 50% when using their water softeners and when using soft water for cleaning products and using hot water for baths. So in the end, it's all worth the investment.

For whom is Harvey's Crown Water Softener Suitable For?

There is no specific target audience for a Harvey water softener, as they try to make it for any office or household. But if you're one who wants to save up on space and have a compact water softener that is easy to install and store anywhere, then Harvey is for you. It's suitable for any type of family, may you be living alone or a whole group of people. As long as you want soft water for cleaning and bathing, and that you want to save on money in the long run, then you will want to consider making the investment and choosing Harvey as your official water softener.

In Conclusion

Soft water is one of the best types of water to use, as they are known to keep your skin softer and your dishes and clothes cleaner than if you were using hard water. You will be able to find tons of water softeners for sale aorund you, but with Harvey's being number one, you would want to expect the best from them at good prices! The Crown by Harvey is one of the best ones you can get at an affordable price that's tough to beat. With tons of features that come in a small device, you'll love what it will do for you and your household for the many years to come.

You are able to purchase a Harvey Water Softener through their official website, where you can contact them for a quotation, or you can search online and in your local appliance store to see if they carry the brand there. Get the soft water you need for your household and avoid breaking your budget with Harvey's Water Softener.

Did you enjoy the article or have something to say about the Harvey's Crown water softener? If so, leave a comment down below and help out interested customers! We'd love to hear what you have to think or what you have experienced with Harvey's water softeners.

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Water Softener Prices in the UK – Comparison of Different Systems https://watersystemexperts.co.uk/water-softener-prices-in-the-uk-comparison-of-different-systems/ https://watersystemexperts.co.uk/water-softener-prices-in-the-uk-comparison-of-different-systems/#respond Wed, 05 Oct 2016 04:06:18 +0000 https://watersystemexperts.co.uk/?p=78 Water is one of the most important things people must consume in order to stay healthy and look good. It has tons of benefits that will enable you to remain in shape. Plus, you'll need it to make everything around you clean as well, including your body! There are actually types of water you can […]

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Water is one of the most important things people must consume in order to stay healthy and look good. It has tons of benefits that will enable you to remain in shape. Plus, you'll need it to make everything around you clean as well, including your body! There are actually types of water you can choose from, and each has their own benefits, either for drinking or cleaning. The two common types are hard and soft water, and the latter is usually preferred by many because of its taste and good effects on cleaning. But how will you know if your water is soft enough, or if you need a good water softener? We show you all about the water softener and the water softener prices to make a comparison!

What Are Water Softeners?

Water softeners are those that help soften hard water through the use of filters and technology. They can either be found in machinery such as dishwashers or can stand alone or installed into faucets. The water softener price ranges by brand and the features it holds, so we'll show you the best water softeners to choose from based on their prices and use!

Best Water Softener Prices and Reviews

ManufacturerModelImageTypePrice GuideBuy It Now!
Water 2 BuyW2B200

Water 2 Buy W2B200Salt-based/ Electric£300 to £350Check Price Now!
Harvey’s/Fountain SoftenersHarvey's Crown SoftenerHarvey's CrownSalt-based/ Non-electric£800-£1000Check Price Now!
Water Filter ManEco+ Whole House Water Filter System & Softenereco-water-filter-manSalt-free/
£350 to £400Check Price Now!
Eddy Water DescalersEddy Electronic Water Descalereddy-water-descalerElectronic£150 to £200Check Price Now!

1. Water2Buy Water Softener

Water 2 Buy W2B200


This is a water softener machine that is known to be trusty and reliable. You can easily install this under your dishwasher or kitchen counter. It's at a good size that you will be able to fit in anywhere. It is a compact machine that will soften the water for your whole family. It even comes with a free valve and power supply! It's very easy to set up and assemble, only taking up to an hour of your time. It comes with an instruction manual for you to be able to install it with ease.

No matter what time you want the water softened, you'll be able to get it. It works 24 hours a day and will give you the quality soft water that is clean to use, may it be for drinking or cleaning your dishes and clothes.


The problem is that though it is very easy to set up, you will need to purchase additional items in order for it to be up and running, costing quite a bit more, but not a steep price. It's the hassle or having to purchase things separately that makes it a con. It isn't made out of the strongest material, with the lid cracking if not taken care of. It's flimsier than what you expect, but as long as you don't mess around with it too much or do anything to crack it. It's all about maintaining it through handling it with care.

Suitable For?

At a price that ranges from £300 to £350, it's definitely worth the purchase! It's one of the most affordable water softeners you can find with good features. You are definitely getting a water softener for what it's worth, though. It has its drawbacks, but if you would like something affordable and will do the basics of water softening with quality, then this one is a good choice.

This is for the family who wants to save money and still wants a good working water softener that will do the job right and with efficiency. But with that being said, it's best for those with homes with external drains, and not for people living in apartments, as it is not suitable for apartment installation.

2. Fountain Softeners – Crown by Harveys

Harvey's Crown


This water softener has got a twin tank, so you are assured of soft water quickly and without fail anytime of the day. The best part about this is that unlike any other water softener, it uses water pressure from your faucet or any other water source to power up. This means you will be saving a lot on electricity bills, and that you won't need to have any trouble setting it up once it delivers. Plus, you won't need to worry about pipe maintenance connected to your water softener, nor will you fear of damage running to your pipes. It has a compact design that makes it easy to transfer, and an instruction manual for easy setup that anyone can understand and do, whether you're doing it yourself or hire someone else to do it for you. Plus, it also comes with a 5-year warranty, making it truly worth the purchase.


While the design is compact, it isn't the best we've seen out of all the water softeners we have reviewed. We expect more modern and sleek designs, but the plastic looking style makes the whole device look cheap more so than a good deal. Also, make sure that you care for it very well and keep it at room temperature, as there are some people who complain of condensation. But so long as you maintain it and keep it clean, there is nothing else you need to worry about. If you're not one who worries for design and would want an affordable water softener that does wonders, then this ones for you.

Suitable For?

Most water softeners have prices that range from £1,000 and above. This one touches the £1,000 mark, going at around £800-£1000. It's definitely a good price for what you are getting, as it has tons of features and is made of quality material you want in a water softener. For those who have the budget and want a quality water softener for their water, then this one is it. It's great for those living in apartments or in small areas that have no external drains since it requires less hassle during installation and depends on water pressure for power rather than electricity.

3. Eco+ Whole House Water Filter System & Salt-Free Water Softener



This is actually two filters, with the 1st filter focusing on the taste of your water through filtering it from the metals and chlorine found in hard water. This filter also rids your water of bacteria. The 2nd filter prevents limescale from happening, reducing the dirt from your pipes and water to avoid your water system from damaging. This is what makes the water softener unique, as it has two separate filters to do a much more efficient job! It also has a good installation method, as it is mounted on the walls and taking up less space than the usual water softeners found under kitchen counters or on top of it.

The filtered water goes through a process that makes it last for up to 7 days, perfect for those who either live alone or with family.


Installation may not be as easy unless you are familiar with installing your system into water pipes. It's recommended to hire a plumber for installation, which costs a bit of money. Some reviewers have complained of water leaks, so it's best to choose a reputable plumber to install it properly the first time to avoid it from happening. If you are doing it on your own, make sure you tape your pipes properly to avoid both water leaks and rust from entering your pipes and making your water situation worse than when it started. But other than that, there are no major complaints about the water filters itself.

Suitable For?

This is best suitable for those who have external water systems, specifically those living in a house as most apartments do not have external water systems, making it difficult or impossible to install the filters. It's great for those who want to save up on space, as you are mounting this on a wall and the two filters are compact and not bulky at all. Unlike most water softeners that take up too much space on or under kitchen counters, you won't need to worry about where you need to put these water filters. And at a price range of £350 to £400, it definitely is a good purchase, even if you add expenses on hiring a plumber and the external filters required.

4. Eddy Electronic Water Descaler



What makes this different apart from all water softeners is that this actually isn't a water softener! While it does soften water, this is mainly used as a descaler, helping remove limescale from your water and pipes. It has a very cute and compact design that makes it perfect for businesses or homes. You just need to install it onto the walls, making it a space saver and easy installation without hassle. Plus, it's compatible with either plastic or metal pipes. The difference between this and a water softener is that it requires no salt to soften the water or reduce limescale, making it better for those who are on a low-sodium diet for health purposes.

You won't need to contact or hire a plumber to change anything at all, and installation is easy as it comes with a manual to help you out. Plus, it comes with a 1-year warranty or money back guarantee, making it worth the price. And we can definitely say that for a price ranging from £150 to £200, it's affordable and will have you saving a lot more money in the long run.


You will need to check how hard your water is. If it's "too" hard, then chances are that your water will not be softened, nor will it reduce limescale as much as you would expect. Some people have reported that it did not work, so it may depend on your area and water distribution. There are others who have reported that it does work, but still see a bit of limescale in their water. Like mentioned, it all depends on how hard your water is. This is better used if your water is not "too" hard. But at an affordable price as compared to other water softeners, it isn't too bad.

Suitable For?

Whether it is for home or office use, this one is best for anyone on a budget who want something simple but will do an efficient job of softening water while reducing limescale. It's best for those who want to save on space as well. It's also best for those who want to minimize their salt intake and would want their water softened without the use of salt.

Choosing a Water Softener

Choosing a water softener isn't the most difficult task. All you will need to do is make sure you evaluate what you need in one, as well as consider these factors:

  1. Features

Features you need are important so you know what you are getting and take full advantage of the water softener you will be purchasing. How big do you need it to be? Will you be using it for dishes or for drinking? Take the features into consideration, as you won't want to be using a water softener with missing features!

  1. Brand name and feedback

Feedback is important, and you will want to work with a reputable company! Look for popular brands and search for reviews online or from recommendations when going to appliance stores for good suggestions.

  1. Budget or price

This is important, as you won't want to overspend for a water softener with features you don't need, nor would you want to scrimp and purchase something that won't give you what you need.

The right water softener is out there, all you need to do is do your research!

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Water Filter vs Water Purifier: What Are The Differences? https://watersystemexperts.co.uk/water-filter-vs-water-purifier-differences/ https://watersystemexperts.co.uk/water-filter-vs-water-purifier-differences/#respond Wed, 14 Sep 2016 12:17:21 +0000 https://watersystemexperts.co.uk/?p=52 Water is one of the most important things we need. Not only is it great for our body, but we need it for surviving as well. You can't clean yourself without water, nor will you be able to fully live without it! From drinking, cleaning, and even for recreation, water will always and forever will […]

The post Water Filter vs Water Purifier: What Are The Differences? appeared first on WaterSystemExperts.co.uk.


Water is one of the most important things we need. Not only is it great for our body, but we need it for surviving as well. You can't clean yourself without water, nor will you be able to fully live without it! From drinking, cleaning, and even for recreation, water will always and forever will be a necessity.

When it comes to drinking water, there are different types you must know about. Depending on what your body prefers and your taste buds, you will be able to choose the right type of drinking water for you. You will also want to make sure that what you are drinking is clean and healthy. That is why there are ways on how water is cleaned and made safe for drinking. There are two main types of water based on how it is cleaned: Water filtration and purification. What's the difference between both?


Water Filter vs Water Purifier: What Are The Differences?

There are many ways you can use in order to clean your water, with filtration and purification being one of the most popular. But what are the differences between the two?

Water filtration is to filter, or to separate the unwanted or "dirty" parts of the water. This is usually done through boiling water or to use carbon filters to take out the germs or unwanted particles. Carbon filtration is one of the popular methods of filtering water as it removes almost all types of bacteria and contaminants found in water. You can find filtration systems that can be installed at home or you can even have your own portable water filter to bring when out.

Water purification is to remove the impurities of water, or to simply purify it from unwanted particles. It doesn't remove all the extra particles, but it removes only the unwanted germs and bacteria you wouldn't want to be consuming. It is done through a chemical process, usually chlorine and iodine. It's still safe to drink, unless you have an allergic reaction towards any of the two chemicals. Basically, water purification is to remove the unhealthy things from the water, but not exactly all other extra particles.

What's the difference if they both clean water out, then?

Water purification removes the unwanted out of the water, while filtration prevents it from the unwanted from going inside it. So just because you use a filter does not exactly mean it is filtration, just like how you use chemicals doesn't automatically mean it's purification. If you use a filter that removes all the unwanted chemicals out of water, then that is purification. If you use chemicals to prevent the unwanted particles from going into the water, then that is filtration.

Take note that both methods do not remove all contaminants from the water. But that doesn’t mean it's a bad thing. Pure water will not have the minerals as compared to the water we drink. Though it may seem beneficial, this actually creates a bad situation as the calcium and nutrients in our bones will slowly deteriorate, as pure water will draw out the nutrients found in our system.

Which is cleaner?

That is up to your preference and taste. Most people opt to have their water filtered because of the less taste of iodine or their reaction towards it, while there are also people who purify their water. Either way, you need not worry about its impurity or cleanliness, as both processes will clean your water.


Water is one of the most important things we need. To make sure it's clean and safe to use or consume, there are different methods used to clean it. Depending on your preference, you can choose to either purify or filter your water. You can even choose from other different methods to clean your water as well. Either way, these methods do the job in helping you clean your water and make sure it is safe to use or consume. You can learn more about water and how it is cleaned through professionals and those who are experts on cleaning water. You can even purchase devices the clean water from appliance stores or online shops. Hopefully, the comparisons on water filters and purifiers will have helped you learn more about the water cleaning process and how it is done, making you choose an effective way you would want your water cleaned.

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